School District Reopens Probe Of Lake Forest Principal’s Sexual Harassment

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — The principal of a Lake Forest Middle School has been placed on leave as the school district re-investigates his conduct with a college student three years ago.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, Deer Path Middle School principal John Steinert pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment through electronic communications in May 2009, according to a Chicago Tribune report by Lisa Black.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

Steinert, now 40, admitted he used his work cell phone to send sexually explicit messages and a lewd photograph of himself to a 22-year-old woman, who was a college student who had been visiting the school during an internship with the Lake Forest Police Department, the Tribune reported.

At the time, Steinert was reprimanded by the School District 67, ordered to seek counseling and subjected to a temporary salary freeze, and that was that. But the Tribune started asking questions about what really happened.

According to the Tribune, the police report said Steinert kept texting the young woman for months, suggesting that they meet somewhere. When she said she was not interested and wanted Steinert to leave her alone, he told her to stop being a “tease,” the Tribune reported.

The report said Steinert also sent the woman a picture of his penis, and left voice mails and texts that suggested sex acts he wanted to perform with her and asked her about pornography and sex toys, the newspaper reported.

All of this went on from May through December 2008, until the woman finally contacted Gurnee police, according to the paper.

It turned out that the copy of the police report about the incident that district Supt. Harry Griffith had received in February 2009 had been heavily blacked out due to the ongoing investigation at the time, the Tribune reported. It was also missing some supplementary information that was added later.

Steinert was sentenced to conditional discharge, a $300 fine and 80 hours of community service when he pleaded guilty in May 2009, the newspaper reported.

  • Kenny

    Why is this person on leave? Why is the school district even bringing up an old case like this? This was settled three years ago. Don’t these losers have anything better to do with their time? They should feel ashamed for trying to scr*w this guy three years after the fact. Pathetic!!!

  • Larry Fredricks

    I agree with Kenny. The only sole purpose to dig up an old case like this, is to try and somehow hurt this guy. The school board is way out of line here. This cased is settled and forgotten. Shame on the school board for attempting to punish someone who has already been sufficiently punished. This is so petty!!!

  • joanie134

    The guy should have gotten fired three years ago. Why was he only given a slap on the wrist for his conduct? Those are the questions that beg answering.

    • OLD VET


      • Kenny

        Hey Old Vet, the woman in this story was 22 years old. An ADULT!

    • Kenny

      He got a slap on the wrist because of how petty this was. I see no reason why this would warrant firing. The reprimand was enough.

  • It Is Only A Finger Trust Me

    Pull my finger.

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  • joanie134

    Kenny and Larry you both appear to have the moral standards of an alley cat. I’ll try to explain this really slow so that you’ll understand. This young woman came into contact with this goofball via his employment and her schooling. He used his work phone to send vile messages and pornographic pictures of his privates. A firing offense in nearly all public and private places of employment. He continued to sexually harass this woman after she asked him to stop. This is a serious matter, not a petty one. The fact that she is over the legal age of consent does not give this mutt the right to harass her for months. She was likely frightened about being stalked or raped by this depraved moron who continued to contact her. Now after receiving a report of what this creep actually did, parents are outraged and he is toast. His employer is going to terminate him, and he fully deserves it.

    This young woman has a right to obtain and further her education without being sexually harassed by fellow students, teachers, or third parties she comes into contact with.

    Kenny and Larry, I hope that neither of you are ever placed in a position of authority over women, both of you seem to be very backward and warped in your thinking.

  • Kenny and Larry or Larry and Kenny

    @joanie, Thank you for explaning your opinion, really slowly. This is the first time I’ve been compared to an alley cat. This guy has paid his $300 fine, served his 80 hours of community service, received a reprimand, ordered to seek counseling, and had his salary frozen. All for a three year old misdemeaner. I think he has paid enough, don’t you think? We can’t fire everyone for every petty little thing. Parents need not be outraged, this had nothing to do with the kids. Is it possible that this woman was just being a tease? I don’t know, I wasn’t there.

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