Updated: Four People Injured In Edens Crash

Updated 11/20/11 at 10:42 p.m.

CHICAGO (STMW) – Four people were injured, one critically, Saturday afternoon after a police pursuit ended in a five-car crash on the Edens Expressway.

The accident happened about 3:50 p.m. after a man allegedly hijacked a car in Northbrook and fled southbound on the Edens while being pursued by police, Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Jeanette Beck said.

The pursuit ended with the crash near Peterson Avenue in Skokie, and the man, a 42-year-old from Northbrook, was taken into custody, Beck said.

An EMS Plan 1, which brings at least five ambulances to the scene, was called for the crash, Fire Media Affairs spokesman Kevin MacGregor said.

Four people were injured, MacGregor said. One person was taken in critical condition to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. Three others were seriously injured — with two people taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital and one person taken to Resurrection Medical Center. Ages and genders were not available.

The EMS Plan 1 was secured at 4:45 p.m., MacGregor said.

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  • Just Axin

    I HATE a-holes who ride the shoulder as if their time is more important.

  • Scott H

    This guy wasn’t just riding on the shoulder, he was going 50mph at least.

    Then, immediately once traffic had stopped, people began coming down the shoulder, to then go the wrong way up the on ramp to get out of traffic. This while fire/police/EMS were coming down that ramp.

    It’s not all about you!

    My family and I were nearly eye witnesses to this. Thank God that we were about 10 cars back from where the accident occurred; it could have been us.

    Also, the article mentions it being an accident at some point; it was not an accident, it was a crash. Someone was at fault; an accident would be a meteor falling and hitting you.

    • Lee Bean

      Scott, I am glad you and your family are okay. People are so self-centered these days.

      • JIMBO


  • Bobby G

    CHICAGO (STMW) – Four people were injured, one critically, Sunday evening during an accident involving at least eight cars on the Edens Expressway.

    SUNDAY evening? Try again – it’s Saturday.

  • Bob Hamilton

    They need to install hydraulic flipper plates on the shoulders,which will flip a speeding car 40 feet into the air and film it in high-def slow motion as it lands on its roof. Post that on the guys Facebook and you’ll have fewer people using the shoulders as private roads. Ask me another one, make it hard…

  • Lawsuits all around

    This was a police chase. Absolutely uncalled for and ridiculous for the police to engage in a chase anywhere! I thought the police were interested in the public’s safety.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Never the criminals fault is it?

      Aoorah!! CPD!

  • Diana

    We were part of this and I am thankful my family made it out safe. I am very thankful to the military people that came to help. I don’t think they were involved in the accident but they came to check on us and they really calmed my 3 kids down. Thank you to everyone that helped us.

  • Jim Hamilton

    his driving was obviously endangering people, he could have killed anyone out there imagine mom and pop on vacation with children,. Is it no wonder people don’t like to goto Chicago anymore? If people would check their rearview mirror once in a while and get the hell out of the way when they see flashing lights coming and hear sirens going. All to offten I see people that appear to intentionaly impead police officers and emergency vehicles I mean these idiots will move over right infront of the squads and cut them off like they want the bad guy to get away what the hell do these people like this think? I travel on these roads quite offten and Scott H, Diana I’m glad you guies are okay sadness for the other four atleast they got the criminal.

  • dan

    ABC reporting suspect was fleeing after car jacking someone in Northbrook-Probably heading home to Englewood or Lawndale-

    And you wonder why the cops on the Northshore used (before all the liberal do gooders got involved) to conduct racial profiling to root out crime before in occurred……..

    • tony

      Of course you don’t care because you are white. You are an idiot thinking that only minorities commit crimes. White collar criminals steal more money than you could ever dream of !!!!

  • dan

    Yes tony that may be true but they usually don’t take out multiple cars on the Edens nearly killing several people in the process


    Stab a teenager to death as she enters her home after school


    Shoot little kids playing in a park with their bad aim when they are trying to kill their rival thug loser gang bangers


    Band together with a group of profilable losers (aka flash mob) and overpower beat and rob upsstanding citizens

    Need I continue? I could go on and on for hours-just look at the “mugshots in the news” and gather your own conclusion.

  • dan again

    One more thing Tony-I would not object to being pulled over because I fit the profile of a potential criminal simply because:

    1) I am in this country legally
    2) Do not break the law therefore have no outstanding warrants’
    3) Do not have a set of burglar tools in my trunk
    4) Do not use or sell drugs
    5) Do not carry any concealed weapons
    6) Do not associate with criminals

    Life is easy if you play by the rules and I have no objection if the authorities profile white collar criminals-if they break the law go get em!

  • Not a racist

    Danno the guy was a white tight ass like you. What are you talking about stupid ? Just another racist chump. keep showing your true color.

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