By Tim Baffoe-

(CBS) Well, the people have spoken.

Hardly anyone was a fan of my list of possible NCAA basketball teams to root for, so everyone stormed the court of “Other” to make that known. Thank you to all who voted.

After tallying all the clicks, ye of the mighty Marquette University really represented your school well, although clamoring to have me as a part of your fan base actually might be grounds for revocation of your school’s accreditations. Even Governors State is reluctant to count me as alum.

I am relieved that it is Marquette that gets my affiliation. Milwaukee is one of my favorite places to visit, at least from what I have been told by those who have been there with me when visiting friends in college or taking in a night of Summerfest. Not sure if I am allowed back in the Water Street Brewery yet after the… unpleasantness.

Back in 2003, I saw a game at the Bradley Center vs. DePaul. The atmosphere was electric, and I could feel the passion for the Eagles even after a morning of kegs ‘n’ eggs. My favorite part of it all was that they served beer at the games. Major plus.

So now I must immerse myself in blue and gold and its history as much as possible. On Twitter a fellow named Andrew Hess (@TallTitan34) was kind enough to send me two Youtube videos, one being the team’s 2008 “Pray” video and the other being the team’s 2010-11 Basketball Introduction. Anyone else is welcome to send me valuable info and stuff as well as I try to get a feel for what I am getting into.

My cousin, a Marquette grad and world-renowned former bartender at the late, great Hegarty’s in Milwaukee, who works with me at a restaurant on the South Side, immediately began giving me tips on being a fan… only he is a little touched in the head and therefore did not give me what the Marquette Public Relations people might qualify as banner material. You guys are “a real un[feminine hygiene product] fan base,” as he put it. Mostly he focused on my need to meet a guy called “Freeway.”

The Marquette Sports Wiki informed me further of Freeway, a.k.a. Mike McCarter, who seems like a much more polished and less disgusting Ronnie Woo Woo. I look forward to someday making his acquaintance.

I am a little disappointed that DePaul does not play at the Bradley Center this season, but there are some appealing home games. Cincinnati in February looks quite appealing for a road trip for me (and maybe my cousin, unfortunately).

To those who work at the university, I am not shy about receiving free swag to help acclimate myself into the MU culture—shirts, sweats, comped Masters tuition, or just an honorary Doctorate. Whatever will help make me a true Golden Eagle would be great.

Members of the 670 The Score family are no strangers to Marquette fandom. I now join the likes of morning show host and columnist Brian Hanley and pinch hitter on the McNeil and Spiegel Show Oak Park Vandy—two of your finest alums—as rooters of the then-Warriors-now-Golden-Eagles. Surely they will aid in my blue and gold baptism with free tickets, awkward stories, and tips on talking to beautiful Wisconsin coeds (I think there are some). Right, guys?

So I’m kind of excited about this. I hope Marquette can have a great season (though I have a habit of bringing my suckage upon the teams I root for) and that I can learn to enjoy college hoops with you all.


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