Chicago Man Convicted Of Sex Trafficking, Faces Up To Life In Prison

CHICAGO (STMW) — A Chicago pimp on Monday was convicted of trafficking juvenile girls as young as 12 — forcing them into prostitution and keeping them in the profession through beatings and violent threats.

Datqunn Sawyer, 32, faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years behind bars following a trial that exposed the violent underworld of forced sex trafficking in Chicago.

The jury deliberated several hours beginning Friday afternoon following a two-week trial in U.S. District Court. The trial showed that Sawyer was a pimp who chose vulnerable victims, including girls who were young, homeless, or runaways, and used violence and threats of violence to exploit them sexually, knowing that they were minors.

Sawyer, 32, remains in federal custody without bond and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison on each count, as well as a mandatory minimum of 15 years on nine of the counts. U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras scheduled sentencing for Feb. 23, 2012.

Testimony at the trial showed a similar pattern: the girls were 12 to 17 when Sawyer befriended them.

The girls, who often said they fell in love with him, were given names beginning with “P,” after his own nickname, “P Child,” and branded with “P Child” tattoos or with Sawyer’s favorite saying after girls handed him cash from the day: “Chedda make it betta.”

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  • Shadaie

    I don’t see any reason why this monkey would get anything less than life!!!

  • nitqualesha

    I wonder if his cell mate bubba is going to steal his line and say “chedda make it betta” everytime he bends him over

  • Leroy Goldberg

    This is your typical african-american male, like NWA for example.

    • dan

      I love you Leroy and I’m not ashamed to say it……..I’m a man who loves men.


    • Lyndia

      Why do you dislike NWA so much? Are you jealous? I believe you are. I never see you on the blog when a WHITE MAN does something crazy, i.e like kill his mama, daddy and the dog. Why? Why don’t you post then?

      • Lyndia

        crazy WHITE MAN gots the WHITE MEAT I be craving.

        I gots to have my fill.

    • Reasonable Doubt

      No he is not! Furthermore, I am willing to compete against you in any area of study you feel comfortable in. How come when the teacher who was just fired for raping the young white female students, you fail to make a comment about that! If the authority were to expose “P Child,” cliental, your license plate will be exposed. Pieces of shxt who consistently down others, do that to make themselves feel better about their own sorry Axx!

      • T'Quiznell

        Nope. This is TNB, and TNB is called so for a reason. If you comb local news across the nation, as well as national news, the media usually does everything it can to downplay the most heinous black-committed crimes and hide the races of black suspects. They wanna avoid the race card so badly… But informed people know that they represent 39% of our total inmate pop, and 12% of our total pop. for a reason. Facts and statistics are “rayciss” though. And it’s scientific no-mans-land trying to conduct honest studies of racial differences in intelligence. Read The Bell Curve.

  • Hamburglar

    Hopefully he gets the maximum sentence of life in prison with daily man on man shower sex.

    • NWA

      man on man shower sex??

      I’m down with that.

      S.O.S………….let me bend over and get that soap!!

  • Yard Ape

    Save the tax payers some money and simply put a bullet between “it’s” eyes!!!

  • George

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  • john doe

    Look I know him personally I grew up with him ..yes what he did was wrong but these girls r lying! I know they were already prostiuting b4 they met him and some are still now! But trying to make it seem like he made them and thats not the truth!

    • OLD VET


      • Yard Ape

        LOL!!!! CLASSIC!! These shines and the names are great fun for the white man!!! My favorite is Nosmo King. You see that posted alot!!! Figure it out.

  • Poser Alert

    I think Leroy NWA and Yard Ape are all the same person-maybe Hamburglar too?

    • Chaim Chitterling

      I think Poser is one of the BLACKS we all enjoy making fun of.

      • Alabaster White


    • Yard Ape

      The Yard Ape is an original. Leroy doesn’t need to impersonate me, or I him!!! I have a cousin named Porch Monkey though.

    • NWA

      No, Leroy and Yard Ape is the same person. He be tryin’ to steal my handle but he just can’t do it like me. The fake be postin’ some stupid sh!t! Keepin’ it real


  • ra

    He’s my kind of man he could pimp me out anytime those hoes just wanted more money

  • Jack MeHoff

    These posts are all BS

  • john doe1

    Old vet?? Shut da f#ck up that joke was horrible

    • OLD VET

      TRUTH HURTS ????????

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