EVANSTON, Ill. (CBS) — Police in Evanston have arrested a man who is suspected of burglarizing a car parked inside of a garage, but only taking $15.91 in change.

Around 9:30 p.m. this past Friday, Evanston police came to a house in the 1100 block of Sheridan Road, about halfway between Main and Dempster streets. The victim said someone had broken into his garage and burglarized his car, taking the loose change that was inside.

Police took down a description of the suspect, and saw someone who matched the description shortly afterward. When police stopped the man to talk to him, he gave what they described as “evasive, nonsensical answers.”

But the victim identified the man, identified as Patrick Joseph Gordon, 46, of the 1400 block of Chicago Avenue in Evanston, as the burglar.

After Gordon was arrested, police found $15.91 on him. All of it was in change, and it was believed to have been taken from the victim’s car.

Gordon is charged with one felony count of burglary, and is to appear in court at 9 a.m. Dec. 1 in the Skokie Courthouse.

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