(WSCR) Gonna need a lot of Spitka for that thumb. Nightly treatments seems appropriate.

Here’s some ways in which we’ll frame the conversation today.

The enormity of the buzz kill.

When it happened, what clues there were, in game and in post.

The Cutler national PR danger. On the lookout for softness comments, again.

The personnel plan.

The historical precedent for survival, if not absolutely thriving and winning. Super Bowl champs who had signficiant games started by the backup.

The game plan adjustment, or not. Martz’ regression fears addressed.

What Bears fans now have to rootfor around the NFC, with fervor.


Will Carroll of SI.com, an injury expert, will join us at 9:40.

Jim Miller at 10, who has had this injury as a player.

Doug Buffone at 11.

Lovie Smith speaks live at 12.

Hub Arkush in the noon hour too.

Victory Chicken, tainted.

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