HUNTLEY (CBS) — In northwest suburban Huntley, the 29th annual Turkey Testicle Festival has begun at the Parkside Pub – and WBBM’s Steve Miller has answers to some frequently asked questions about turkey testicles.

Will this story be offensive to listeners?

No, there’s nothing fowl (uh, foul) in this story.

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What do turkey testicles (the Parkside Pub will serve up to 1,000 pounds, with lots of beer and live music, too) taste like?

“They’re actually not bad,” said Jennifer Maynard. “The texture of them is kind of like eating a deep-fried mushroom. It kind of tastes like chicken.”

Jennifer Maynard is a bartender at the Parkside Pub in Huntley.

So how big is the Turkey Testicle Festival?

“It started off just this small little festival … small little bar,” Maynard said. “And next thing you know, it just kept on growing and we ended up having a total of 42-hundred people walk through our door last year.”

What’s the best drink to have with turkey testicles?


“Beer and nuts,” Maynard said. “You got it.”

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