CHICAGO (CBS) — Black Friday is a nice day for a white wedding – at the mall.

Jennifer Jasudowicz says she didn’t really want to be shopping for anything that Black Friday six years ago.

“I never go to the mall on Black Friday,” she said.

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But there she was. And then in the midst of the crowd at Orland Square Mall, she saw Edward Kossman.

“I saw this guy in the distance,’ Jasudowicz said. “And he was very handsome.”

And that was the beginning of the beginning.

On this Black Friday, the anniversary of their meeting, they will get married at the same spot where they met.

And they actually have another man to thank for Jennifer Jasudowicz even being at the mall six years ago.

“Are you ready for it? This is the funny part. I was there buying an outfit for a date with another guy,” Jasudowicz said.

She says she kept that date — but told that guy — I think I’ve just met somebody.

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