Rainbow/PUSH Serves Thanksgiving Dinner To Veterans

CHICAGO (CBS) — Who will help the veterans once the parades are over and the uniforms and flags have been packed away?

Rev. Jesse Jackson asked that question on Thursday, as members of the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition served veterans a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Angela Baskin served in the Army during Operation Desert Storm and has found help in getting re-acclimated to civilian life from the Remaking The World Veterans Center.

“This helps out a lot,” she said.

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Arnetha Gholston, who runs the RTW Vet Center on South King Drive, says veterans need help and they’re not getting it.

“The situation that they left is not the same when they come home eight years later. And, see, we don’t prepare for that. We don’t prepare for where do they go, what do they do and how do we handle their frustration when they want to blow their head off?”

Rainbow/PUSH hosted dinner for 400 veterans this Thanksgiving.

“We seem to love soldiers very much as they go off to war,” Jackson said, “We seem not to love veterans so much when they return home.”

Jackson is part of a new movement called “Leave No Vet Behind.”

“They play by the rules. They served on foreign battlefields, now they come home; many of them cannot get medical care or a job. We must care for veterans as they come home, not just as soldiers as they go off to war.”

Gholston teared up as she thanked Jackson for serving vets this Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, he’s encouraging veterans to join the “Occupy” movement and press for jobs, education and housing.

Jackson called for a large veterans’ march to protest the way they’re thrust back into society, with no job, no education, less-than-adequate health care, and often times, no home.

  • Keyshawn Demarious Washington

    Wow, Jesse Jackleg has crawled out from under his rock. We should see this fool every day, calling for an end to the viciously violent lifestyle that so many of HIS people choose to live. He won’t be credible until he does. Leave it to this loser to suggest that people join the loser occupy protesters. Don’t veterans receive healthcare for life? Can’t a vet walk into any VA hospital and receive treatment, free of charge??

  • Jim Hamilton

    This is one Vet the Gawdam hommos won’t be serving

  • Jim Hamilton

    Plaese Jackson leave me behind your lifestyle is an abomintation this is one part of society that should not be tolerated

  • DJ

    I only see blacks and browns. No white vets?

    • Jim Hamilton

      “We seem to love soldiers very much as they go off to war,” Jackson said, “We seem not to love veterans so much when they return home.”

      Jackson must be referring to the Cesspool and himself on this comment because everyone I have encountered since I’ve been home have been greatful. With the exception of the Cesspool where my wife and I are constantly taunted for my prescription medications everywhere we go in the Cesspool weather it be on the sidewalk or in wal-mart. As soon as they see me in a wheel chair it’s like we’re a magnet. And when I tell them sorry i don’t carry that stuff with me they get all nasty mouthed. One guy went as far as calling me something like white bread and tried to turn my chair over fortunately its a 300lb power chair and he failed. My wife all 4ft 9in of her started smacking the guy and he walked away cursing both of us. Nothing has changed in the Cesspool. These people know what they are looking for. Wal-mart workers offer to trade products for meds. I will say Wal-Mart doesn’t waste time dealing with them. It’s just a matter of time before the worst happens
      In the cesspool the criminals make the rules. I consider myself to be a good guy but people like the Daley family, Rahm Emanuel, Pat Quin and Lisa madigan are so certain that if I were to carry a firearm to defend my wife and I from the cesspool workers ( hell I can’t even run from it) that we would be like in the old west, Id’e take the old west over the modern day cesspool any time. Is it no wonder I and people like me hate Chicago and its Democrats?

      If you want to help a Vet Mr. Jackson, call on your people the local Democrats to support House Bill 148

      What Your statement actually read is you trust Veterans so much but you take away their only defense when they get back home.

    • Elroy Goldturd

      Nah…the white ones are scared of blacks…they hide behind their computers and spew their hatred; knowing that they LOVE black people…if they didn’t, they wouldn’t talk about them so much.

      • Rick

        blacks are alll about handouts.

      • Keyshawn Demarious Washington

        Mr. Goldturd, first of all, white people are not scared of Afros, but we are concious of the fact that 99% of violent crime in the city is committed by negros. That is cause for concern. Secondly, there is no hatred, you mistake disgust and frustration with the Afro-American community for racism, there is a big difference. Lastly, we do not love negros, we talk about them because they are the ones in the news every day, robbing, beating, stealing, raping, and killing!

  • Gabe

    You don’t even live here idiot. So why are you so concerned ? There are thousands of gang members with no priors and you want to give them the right to carry? Are you stupid or is just me ? IT’S THE LAW OF THE LAND ! NO MEANS NO ! WHO CARES WHAT THE LAW IS MAYBERRY. Didn’t daddy show you how to put up your dukes? Yeah let’s arm more idiot’s that’s all we need. Your allowed to protect your home . Your not allowed to blast the beggar at the corner away. Aren’t there any walmarts in fairyland? Why do you keep coming back if you hate so much ?

    • Jim Hamilton

      Do you really believe that those thousands of gangbagers aren’t carring anyway? Never mind you waste my time Gaybee. I will respond no more to you if you can’t at least act a little intelligent.

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