Rosenthal: Pujols Or Fielder Makes Sense For Cubs

(WSCR) Though signing Prince Fielder or Albert Pujols may seem counter productive to the plan laid out by new Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein, one MLB expert said it makes sense.

“It fits what they’re doing overall,” Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports told The Mully and Hanley Show. “It would seem to run counter to the idea of rebuilding, signing a major free agent, but, actually, it does fit in with what some of the other things in the game. It makes sense to do this and rebuild.”

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Rosenthal first reported the Cubs’ interest in Fielder and Pujols, though the level of that interest is unknown.

With the new rules of the collective bargaining agreement, Epstein and Co. won’t be able to spend money in the draft like they had planned to do, which makes signing a big-name free agent all the more possible.

“They’re not going to be able to spend on the draft like they had planned,” Rosenthal said. “It’s as simple as that, because of the CBA. I don’t get into people’s motivations and thinking during this time of year. It’s really hard to read minds, but it stood to reason from the beginning that they were going to play on one of these guys, as they are. The reason for that is because after this year, the next two free-agent classes, you’re not buying a Prince Fielder or an Albert Pujols. They’re not there.”


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  • Michael

    Neither makes a good fit, in my opinion. Both want long term/big $ contracts. Based on what they’re asking, Pujols would stand to be making around $23mil at 40 years old. Fielder belongs in the AL. In his prime, and a poor defensive player at best. Have to think he’ll become even more of a defensive liability as time goes on, and lets not act like he ability to “stay in shape” wont diminish. Both are incredible players, and if the Cubs had an opportunity to sign one of them to a 2-3 year deal, then I’d be all for it. Also, still not seeing where the Cubs have the money long term, CBA or not. Who do they sign to support these guys? What money is left? Bigger problems than filling 1st base, and adding ONE power hitter.

  • the hole in adolfo soriano's gold glove

    I disagree. Neither is a good fit because they will be hitting the downside of their careers, both are overweight and may be prone to injury in their later years which may be sooner than we think. And neither of them can play defense. Re-sign Carlos Pena, take his 90 RBI and superior defense for $10 million and five years less and use the money for a good pitcher or a left fielder if we can dump adolfo soriano.

  • Dave

    Fielder is 27 going on 28 and just had a MVP type season, how is that the downside of his career? A 6 year deal at 20 per is better than an 8 year deal at 30 mil for a guy (Puljols) who actually is on the downside of his career. (can you say Alphonso Soriano) I don’t think either of them are coming here. I agree to resign Pena for 2 years, but I’m not sure how to get rid of the Adolpho Soriano Money, you can’t just dump 18-20 mil, unless you want to dump it in my pocket.


    I don’t want either for the already stated reasons.
    But, it looks like Jethro is going to keep Crane Kenny, so, maybe the Cubs are hoping the very nature of the game changes.
    Like, a tenth outfielder
    four outs.

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