CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago drivers need to watch where they park their cars tonight: Early tomorrow morning, the city’s winter parking plan goes into effect.

Residents need to take a good look for signs with the snowflake. They say no parking between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m., even if there is no snow in the ground.

The restrictions go into effect tomorrow morning, CBS 2 Susanna Song reports.

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As you back into your spot, you may want to get in the habit of checking your rear view mirror.

Lifelong Chicagoan Kenny Askins can’t afford to ignore the sign.

“It’s always on the first day that gets you,” he said.

Askins says he was never askin’ for trouble, he simply forgot. Several times, his car got towed.

“You come out and say, ‘Where’s my car?’ You think someone stole it, and it comes to you: parking ban,” Askins said. “There’s never any snow on the first day, so you don’t think about it. The you see the sign.”

What about this winter?

“I’ve learned my lesson, with the price of tickets it’s always on my mind,” Askins said.

And the cost of forgetting or ignoring isn’t pocket change. When you add it all up, from towing to the ticket, expect to pay at least $200.

Last winter, 215 vehicles were towed on the first day of the ban and another 127 on the second day.

The city says they’re not trying to rob you of cash. They’re trying to keep the streets clear and open.

Crews need the space to plow during a heavy snowfall and if your car is parked there, the city can’t do its job.

The overnight ban covers 107 miles of the city’s most critical streets.

The ban remains in effect until April 1.

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