Walter’s Perspective: Blagojevich Family Worthy Of Our Sadness

CHICAGO (CBS) — Rod Blagojevich. I can’t get him off my mind, what it’s like tonight, waiting to be taken away to a prison cell with a cot, a toilet and a washbowl.

A man who was once a governor and a member of Congress — about to be locked up for 10, maybe 20, years. It’s hard to imagine, and though he may deserve what he gets, I’m sorry for him and more sorry, really sorry, for Patti and their children: Amy, a sophomore in high school, and Annie, in third grade, knowing that the only place they’ll see their dad for 10 or 20 years will be in a prison visiting room.

And how panicked they are, and embarrassed among friends. Whispers and gossip for the rest of their lives.

How sad for them, and for thousands of other children, paying a price for what dad did, suffering the permanent damage of family abuse.

Amy and Annie, and all the rest. I feel so bad for them.

  • Sam

    Well, if it’s true that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, there’s a better chance they’re all in denial.

  • zatso

    Patti belongs in jail with him.

    Let Mell the old man take care of the kids.

    Walter, you are soft as…


  • Parker

    Get a life Walter…your so old you out of touch with reality…go back to retirement where you belong.

  • Nancy J

    Thank you, Walter, for writing my exact thoughts over the past week. I know the man is guilty, and yes, he did the wrong thing and definitely deserves to be punished. But, like you, I have felt deep compassion for his family as his sentence draws near. I feel very sad for his daughters especially. I do not know Blagojevich. He is a stranger, so why should I care? I don’t know why I feel sorry for him, but I do. I think 15 to 20 years is too stiff a sentence and I hope the judge shows a bit of mercy. I think the biggest thing he could do would be to serve people who need help for many, many hours for a long time, rather than be locked up. He did wrong, but Blagojevich no killer.

  • tom Sharp

    I agree with Zatso, a few of those tapes show Patti is in it up to her neck!

  • Ronald Rehfeldt

    It is not easy to comprehend what your point is. Do you actually feel sad, Walter, or are you lamenting the stupidity of parents, their thoughtlessness, their assuming their corruption would not catch up with them? If you want to feel sad, consider children who are abused by their parents and not incarcerated, consider children who hunger, who are unloved.

  • Mary

    i feel sorry for the kids,how awful to have crooks as parents & i can’t help but wonder if rod will beable to keep up gis hair coloring?

  • Jim Hamilton


  • Jim Hamilton

    P.S. I don’t give a dam if he served with Jesus even satan was sent to hell

  • Barney Fife

    With all due respect Mr. Jacobson I disagree. While true the children of this convicted felon are swept up in this mess of corruption, both Blago and his wife “potty mouth Patti” have no one to blame but themselves. I truly feel the only reason Patti is not facing jail time too is prosecutor Fitzgerald did not want to take away both parents. Fitzgerald would be seen as a monster ripping crying children from their mother’s arms. Blago has no one to blame but himself and the fact he still has shown no remorse for his actions only proves he was in it for himself and no one else. Your feelings of sympathy while nice is misguided. It’s this type of “enabling” attitude towards wrongdoers that gives them the idea that, hey it’s alright to lie, cheat, and steal. Please get your priorities right Mr. Jacobson and stop the coddling of crooks. A crook is a crook whether wearing an expensive handmade suit, or one who is from the streets. They are one and the same.

    • Dianne Preister

      I agree, that “If you do the crime you do the time.” Why should Blago be any different? He didn’t care when he was doing all this. Now it is time to pay the piper. I do feel sorry for the children, however, I am sure Blago isn’t admitting to his children, that what he did was wrong and how he let the voters of Illinois down, while trying to feather his bed. While he made a fool of himself on nightly TV proclaiming his innocence, NOW that he is a CONVICTED FELON, and will lose his law license, the right thing to do is come clean to his children.

  • Wolf

    No taxpayers are worthy of our sorrow because they are raped and robbed by the criminals in the government at every level…these politicians have created the system that is massively bloated and costing over $7 Trillion annually plus their fraudulent pension scam costing additional unnecessary trillions…these people should all be behind bars…

  • sharonk

    When you are a child and have a parent locked up, it hurts regardless of the reason they are in prison for. The kids are innocent and the sentence they carry is for life because they grow up without mom or dad. Show all the hatred you want towards Blago but for the live of Christ, don’t lose compassion for the kids. I know exactly how they will feel.

  • Judy

    Walter, I agree with you to a certain extend, I do feel sorry for the kids, but both parents should be punished for what they did. When you have children you have to think twice before doing something really stupid. Patty is no angel either. But maybe with all this happening it might make the kids stronger. (hopefully) But to all you kids out there don’t make fun at these children because it’s not their fault, so please treat them with respect, after all this could be your household too.

  • Dan

    Hey Walter, you do realize that there are ordinary folks who go to jail every day who leave their families behind. Do you have the same sadness for them? Rod had two daughters and a wife when HE made the decision to commit crimes and defraud his constituents. He made the decision and he is the reason he is going to jail. Yes, his family is paying a steep price for his crimes but it’s no different than what happens across the country to lots of people who you have seemingly never been concerned about. Too bad Rod wasn’t more concerned about the ramifications of his actions before he acted.

  • Fed_up

    Its the price you pay for GREED…maybe this will set an example to others.

  • zatso

    Are you getting the message walter?

    Put your phoney homeless man outfit on and go away!


  • Millicent

    Do not feel sorry for Blagos mistakes. You are are in the same spot as Walter and Blago said. We will carry our own sins to the grave. But before that Blago wil end up in jail and Walter, as old as he is, wil end up in a nursing home. What the difference it makes? Life is to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. However, some people take the wrong path and end up in… you know where. How is your life? Is it pleasing to God o to a man?

  • Gabe

    WOW ! Walter has totally lost touch with reality. Whatever happen to the spicy Walter ? Oh ! That’s right ? Thing’s haven’t been the same ever since that DUI . How about feeling sadness for all of us tax payers the Chicago machine has ripped off . There are more to fall . Stay tuned Chicago .

  • ursua

    Mr.Walter Jacobson you always knew what you where saying…You got lots of stupid people making reply on you comments.I pity this people .There hate is they hate them self for being what they are.Yes the sentence is too stiff for something that he said.We are the only country in the world that drag political officials thru dirt who were helping citizens with every day life issues.Shame on us! How fast people forget good things done by them….

  • Skyler.Marks

    Walter, you are just a product of the establishment. Go home to your mansion on Cleveland Street and quit acting like you have the guts to say something that will get you fired. Stop acting like your so smart and just leave Chicago and take a loss on your Chicago real estate.

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