Brown Says She Needs To Keep Her Bodyguards, Following Several Threats

CHICAGO (CBS) — County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown says somebody wants to kill her, and that’s why she’s being driven from place to place by three of her investigators.

CBS2’s Mike Parker examined some of the threats.

They are pretty creepy.  One man who wrote to Brown suggests she is in his sights, “especially coming out of your office and walking to your car.”

“There’s at least been a dozen, if not more,” of the threats, Brown press secretary Enza Rainieri says.

CBS 2 saw documentation of two threats. In one, from 2007, a prison inmate sent Brown a list of people targeted for death, including former Mayor Daley. Brown was at the top of the list.

“I’m untouchable,” the man wrote, “like a ghost through the night. You’re not safe wherever you go.”

In 2008, another inmate wrote, “When I beat this rap, you and your family will pay. My enemies will die a thousand deaths.”

Brown’s staff provided copies of the threats a day after the Cook County Board restored 17 jobs in the clerk’s department.  One of the jobs was for Melvin Darby, an investigator who has been known to drive Brown.

Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey criticized the move, saying Brown was using investigators as chauffeurs.

But Rainieri says the drivers are acting as “bodyguards.”

“She doesn’t have a chauffeur. That has never been the case at all,” she says. “She does have somebody who does accompany her … It’s not their full-time job.”

Not every local official has a security staff.

“I drive myself and I ride my bike, so at most, my security detail is either my seat belt or my helmet,” Chicago City Clerk Susanna Mendoza told CBS2 over the summer.

Perhaps surprisingly, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has no bodyguard detail.

The court clerk’s office says all of the threats were reported to proper authorities, the FBI, County Sheriff, Chicago Police and even the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In one case, the writer was convicted of making a threat and had six years tacked on to his state prison sentence.

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  • a frustrated employee

    700k worth of security should make you feel very cozy. I wish I could provide the same for my family at the expense of taxpayers.

    • same old same old

      i hope Rahm does something about corrupt politicians on HIS WATCH. he’s cracking down on b.s. like that.

      brown is a very close friend of daley. thus, the old guard massive in-your-face corruption won’t go away.

      she should either be removed from office, or voted out so she can go back to the private sector. what has she done for this city?

      • Jim Hamilton

        Rahm is a corrupt politician he is the B.S. that you speak of

  • Roberta Waker

    Why would she need THREE investigators to drive her around? If her life is in danger one or two security guards should be sufficient and the taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for them either because she is not the President, Governor or Mayor.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Respect the second amendment and she could carry her own protection, Fckn idiots vote out the right to carry for protection then hire bodyguards and say the hell with the average citizen that can’t afford bodyguards how hypicritical can it get

    • Jim Hamilton

      Oh nevermind I forgot Tax payers are footing the bill for her

  • William MrBill Washington

    Of course she should keep her body guards.And let the taxpayers also pay for every retired law enforcement officer,poltician,coporate executive and let’s not forget the gang members who are constantly threatened by other gang members.

  • Bob Hamilton

    If you’re grossly incompetent and dishonest you will get death threats, Does that mean every hack should have bodyguards? You should only get bodyguards if someone actually kills you, then they can guard your body until the undertaker gets her. Why does being pompous always go with stupidity?

    • LOTD

      GREAT comment!!!

  • Edward R. Kline

    A loaded gun in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. Is all the security I need. Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Colt,

    • Roberta Waker

      Amen. The key words are “how to use it” – maybe she can’t shoot and doesn’t want to learn so she can hire these body guards at taxpayer expense.

  • GrammarCop

    If I were threatened in the same way as Ms. Brown, would my employer pay for bodyguards???…HECK NO!!! Another government perk that should go away. If she wants protection she should pay for it herself…or better yet…GET OUT OF POLITICS!!!

  • Tom

    People in the justice system get threatened every day. So what. Three or four Chicago cops have been killed while off duty in the past year. I don’t see them getting security deatils while they are off duty. How many court clerks have been killed nationwide in the past 25 years? None. One thing is for certain. Whatever threats Brown has received certainly wasn’t from someone jealous of that face of hers.

  • Linda

    Why in the world would a court clerk be threatened ? Makes no sense at all, maybe a judge, prosecutor, or an attorney but a court clerk, no way. She is probably having friends send the threats so she can recieve special treatment.

  • Mary Costello

    Dorothy Brown has three bodygaurds in rotation and only one is with her at any given time. The others are conducting office investigations. Unlike Clerk Susan Mendoza, Dorothy Brown’s name appears on every order of protection, traffic ticket, DUI, and lawsuit. Tom Dart is a young man trained to fight and carries a gun.

    • Tom

      And every victim of every crime is listed in a report that anyone, obviously to include the suspect, has access to. This would include the victims name, birthdate, home and business address and phone numbers as well as physical description. So tell me, Mary. Who is more in danger? Some old bag sitting behind a desk playing cards on her computer or the victim of a sex crime, child molest, armed robbery, shooting, stabbing, gang related crime, blah blah blah. Does Brown testify in these case and put the suspect in jail? No, the victim does. Put on your thinking cap.

      • Jim Hamilton

        Hey Tom perhaps Mary here is ole fatcrack Brown herself maybe she took a break from cards to come kill time blogging on the news forum

        So listen up fatcrack if thats you the people don’t like you sucking up tax dollars and 700k just shows up in your budget I could understand 7 or even 70 dollars 7 hundred thousand dollars if you don’t keep any better eye on your account than making a 7 hundred thousand dollar error you should be fired and take your body guards with you.

  • Gelon

    We as all public people need some kind of security detail, but we cannot afford it. For example the young lady whom was killed by her ex-husband over the Thanksgivings weekend. They know when they take the job it comes with the job. If you are afraid QUIT and let someone else do it. The City, The County, The State are all short of FUNDS but they are still spending our dollars on things that are useless to the Public. If they want to CUT JOBS or PROGRAMS start at the TOP not the bottom.

  • taxpayer

    She’s THAT special.

  • Teresa

    I’d want 10 bodyguards after reading comments from some of the nuts on here!

  • Jim Hamilton

    So aren’t they going to cut her office budget by 700k obviously they didn’t need it so why don’t they go ahead and reduce the staff and make a 700k budget cut it will still operate just fine. By cutting the staff they can actually cut more than 700k

    This proposal wiould save the city well more than a million dollars over a year

  • Oliver G

    Chicago poilticians all need to be turned upside at their ankles and shake our money out their pockets. I’m so sick & tired of the way this great city is being run. I moved here 20 years ago and have enjoyed it until 5-6 years ago it’s been an all out attack on us poor home owners. Ex-Mayor Daley does not need his body guards, let son Patrick protect him. If they all did the work of the people and stop lining their pockets this city can return to being affordable. Mayor Rahm is a career politician, he’s just like Daley……….

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