Man Stabs Burglar Who Tried To Steal His Xbox And TV

CHICAGO (STMW) — A man left an alleged burglar in critical condition with stab wounds Monday morning in the South Side Park Manor neighborhood after coming home to find him trying to leave with his Xbox and flat screen TV.

Police say the burglary happened about 11:40 a.m. in the 700 block of East 73rd Street.

A 39-year-old man came home from work to find his apartment door forced open, with the frame damaged and cracked. When he walked in, he found the burglar trying to walk out with a suitcase filled with items including an Xbox and flat screen TV, police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

The man began fighting with the burglar, who was armed with a knife. The fight spilled out of the apartment, into the foyer and ultimately out into the street.

Police say the man, in fear of his life, also took out a knife and began stabbing the burglar in self-defense.

Officers on patrol in the area saw the fight in the street and broke it up.

The burglar was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with multiple stab wounds. Charges are pending.

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  • NWA

    You can burn up my clothes and you can smash up my ride but F’with my X-Box.


    • Leroy Goldberg

      Leave it to you to know how to savagely deal with somebody. Welfare, section 8, food stamps but y’all got them X-Boxes.

      • Shuante Williams

        Anyone living off of the taxpayer has no business at all having luxuries like an X-Box or flat screen TV. What the hell?

      • Lyndia


  • Chivi

    YEy!!! Take back the CITY!!!!!

  • Jim Hamilton

    If he were carrying he could have came home, put a bullet between burglers eyes, call 911, grab a beer and have a seat Chicago works to hard to protect criminals from the working man

  • Hamburglar

    You got what you deserved grinch!

  • Jim Hamilton

    Typical Cesspool dweller out Christmas shopping

    • Cris Bates

      Well takes, one to know one, huh.

    • Lyndia

      who is the cesspool dweller? the victim or the victimizer? the victim just got in from work. who are you talking about?

      • Lyndia

        I be crazy talking. Feed me the white meat. On my knees for white meat.

      • Jim Hamilton

        They both be Cesspool dwellers just one was Christmas shopping and the victem just got home from work (selling crack on the sidewalk) I can only assume this was his job the report wasn’t real clear.

  • Neka QueenNeka

    Ya’ll are just dumb. You can’t assume. All we know is that is came from work and found something stealing his xbox and TV. How in the hell did ya”ll get that he’s a drug dealer and on welfare.Stupid, dumb and ignorant.

    I can assume you all fit in that category

    • Jim Hamilton

      Damn my reading skills are getting poor.

      Oh this is a poor black ho trying not to gerggle between breaths nvm.

      One of CPS finest.

    • Cris Bates

      Your right, and they are not worth the effort. The burglar got what he deserved. We as American have the right to protect our homes, our families in it, and our dame X-Boxes and flat screens. That means all American not just the white folks.

      ……and they do fit in that category. Well said.

  • not from south of I80-

    Your going to have to excuse Jimmy . He’s got pts and is handicapped. Jimmy just hates the city and everybody in it . In his mind us decent hard working folks up here 9 million of us are all thugs drug dealers and thieves . Get a life looser. Clearly he wants to read what his brain want to read. The guy was coming home from work . Can’t you read ? Your just another suburbunite on disability and welfare.

  • Weritas

    Well, he fought him knife to knife, so it was not unreasonable force. The thief got what he deserved because he pulled a knife on the property owner. Now, I might not kill someone over an Xbox, but if they pulled a knife on me there would be a fight. Wonder what the wrongful death penalty is in Chicago, here in California it seems if you wound a thief they can sue you for millions, but if you kill them their family can only get 250K for wrongful death. Makes one wonder, eh?

  • Cris Bates

    Soo true. Jimmy just got passed on for his promotion, because they gave it to someone who wasn’t white, someone with color and now his panties are all in a bunch. Poor poor jimmy it sucks to be you, stop acting like a little BEEEEEEP!!!!!

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