North Side Thieves Targeting Kick Plates On Doors

CHICAGO (CBS) — We’ve heard of thieves targeting manhole covers, cooper pipes and wiring, even aluminum benches to sell to scrap yards for quick cash.

But now there’s a new hot item catching their eyes and, as CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports, there might be one on your front door.

For more than 100 years The Pattington on Irving Park Road has been catching the eyes of passersby. It’s even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

But recently, the upscale condo building has drawn some unwanted attention from thieves who stole four kick plates from the Pattington and two from a neighboring building.

“About two weeks ago, the day before Thanksgiving, we got a report from a homeowner who said they had heard a noise in the middle of the night and looked down and saw someone stealing the brass-plated kick plate here,” property manager David Holton said Monday.

Taking off the kick plates would have been no easy task, as they had at least a dozen or more screws holding them on the doors, Holton said.

“There were a couple places where they had, obviously had used a crowbar,” he said.

In total, four kick plates were stolen from the Pattington and two were stolen from a neighboring building on Bittersweet Place.

Police said the properties are just some of the latest to be hit on the North Side in the past few weeks.

“We’ve had probably over 20, something we’re working on right now currently,” Chicago Police Sgt. Ray Ernst said.

The thieves likely aren’t getting much for their haul, considering the replacement kick plates at the Pattington were $35.99 brand new.

Metal experts said solid brass kick plates might fetch around $1.65 a pound at a scrap yard, but brass-plated ones like those stolen at the Pattington are only worth about 10 to 11 cents a pound.

North Side residents said it’s a shame thieves would damage a historic building for that.

“I don’t have words to describe it. I (am) just totally disgusted with the whole situation when I hear all these things happening,” Jesse Permen said.

Sources told CBS 2 police had two people in custody Monday afternoon in connection with one of the incidents on the North Side. The investigation into the others was still underway.

  • Steve

    Here on our block in Buena Park, there were 5 or 6 of them taken in one night. A lot of work for only 10-11 cents per pound…

  • Bob

    Here in N. Lakeview, ours were stolen in broad daylight. Kick plates and mail slot. They hit half the buildings on the street.

  • J-Corz

    Hope and Change you can believe in !

    • Johnny32

      what does that have to do with the subject at hand J-Corz?

    • danthefan

      i would venture a bet that the vast majority of these thieves are of liberal persuasion.why should they work when they can reap from opthers labor.

      • Johnny32

        Dan that has got to be the most ignorant response I have ever read.

  • Bob

    Once homeowners start shooting these dirtbags, this larceny will stop.

    • Big Bear

      Well, a few blanket parties on lawyers who dare to sue homeowners for violations of the criminal’s (likely also the lawyer’s drug dealer) snivel rights will have to go down.

  • Stoddart

    20? I’m surprised the police think it is that few. When I ordered our replacement plates, I ran into a lady at the hardware store who was getting replacement plates, too. She is 3 blocks away. 20? What they probably meant was “We are working on 20 reports every day.”

  • Michael

    Bob, I 100% agree.

  • Gibbs Bentley

    Just more criminals that think they own the world … and your kick plate.

  • Tommy

    Bob, I 100% agree…and I cannot wait for it to be legal to kill them for the 11 cents!

  • jerrykregle

    If I lived in a place like that I would keep a special balloon filled
    with pi55 to drop on a rat turd that would attempt this

  • good citizen

    put a sign of front of your not enter or no tresspass.then shoot.breaking and stealing,while your home is legal to shoot without warning.
    why,in chicago criminals has right to carry a gun.legalize the right to carry a gun.
    petition time.

  • Big Bear

    Maybe some preventive maintenance is in order. Vigilantes targeting tweakers. Most of them are easily recognizable. Do it with suppressed rifles and night vision scopes, and try for a dozen a night. Cops will think other dopers did it, if they care at all.

    • hans

      nice thinking

  • Long Razor Wire

    A mere side effect of the designed economic collapse to take down America and forced integration under a world government. Forget ipads, UFC and trivial brass door plates – load up on sniper rifles. It’s coming.

    • 51 Phantom

      The best investment for the summer of 2012???
      Canned goods and aamunition!

      • 51 Phantom

        That’s ammunition. Too early to type.

  • Joe Golfendude

    Sad situations you folks live with up in Illinois. We do not have those problems in Tennessee. We are armed to the teeth and will shoot you if you trespass.

    • Tarheelalan

      Here in North Carolina, we shoot first. Rednecks know how to stop crime. Gun control is using both hands.

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  • george johnson

    Joe got it right. You can’t have guns up there, and the criminals know it, and act accordingly.
    Down here in Georgia, we have much less of this, because they know we have guns (lots of them) and know we will use them!

  • jim

    Diversity is our strength. LOL.

  • Loner

    Big Bear: ‘Snivel rights’. Heh. I’m stealing that like it was a 1%’ers kick plate.

  • Miguel Rivera

    Along with less Chicago police officers, this does help out in these thiefs, getting away with it. Arm the citizens of this city, and the police and the citizens could decrease and fight crime. Too bad, the mayor does not believe in that right.

  • Yaspar

    Hey, cbs, what’s a cooper pipe? Proofread much?

  • Johnny32

    Wow how racist of you longarm. You have the right to say what you like, but what about South Africa Longarm? Are you so ignorant that you would make a statement without facts to back up your statements? Of course you are, because the statements you made show just how ignorant you are.. You are a very pitiable person to be sure.

  • Joe Mama

    Yeah, it must suck for ya’ll up there in Ill. Your whole system from top to bottom is crooked!!!!!!! Our main problem here in Texas is Conservative Christians who think G.W. Bush and Jesus are on a first name basis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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