Ron Santo Elected To Hall Of Fame

UPDATED 12/06/11 11:47 a.m.

(CBS) Ron Santo was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Monday, just over a year after his death.

The former Cubs third-baseman and broadcaster appeared on 15 of the 16 Veteran’s Committee ballots. He needed to appear on 12 of them to get elected.

On Monday morning, Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts told CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield and Roseanne Tellez that the occasion is bittersweet, given that Santo isn’t alive to accept his honor, but “it’s a great day for Cub fans everywhere.”

“While we’re very happy and very excited, the number of people here at the Cubs offices that were tearing up was pretty dramatic,” Ricketts said. “Like I said, it’s a little bittersweet, but you know, it’s still a wonderful thing, and we’re just excited. Ron was a great player and obviously great person, so just a wonderful day.”

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Could this honor for Santo be a motivation for the current Cubs?

“I hope so,” Ricketts said. “He was really just a special kind of person to everybody; I mean everybody could look up to Ron – everything he accomplished, and all the challenges he had to overcome to accomplish what he did.”

Santo deserves honors not only for his achievements on the field, but also for everything he did off the field, Ricketts said.

“I mean, he really kind of can be a role model for anybody and really an inspiration to anyone, given everything that he did to fight his own disease and to go on to mean so much to so many people,” he said.

Santo hit .277 during his 15-year career with 342 home runs and 1,331 RBIs. He won five consecutive Gold Gloves and went to nine All-Star Games.

  • Jeb Reid

    I am a life-long Ron Santo fan and followed his career early on. To say that this honor occurred one year too late is a mis-statement — it happened about 30 years too late. I and the Cub Nation are very happy for the news and very aware of his HOF credentials. Only sadness is his passing a year ago and not being able to celebrate his selection with family, friends and teammates.

  • Paul

    I am so happy for the Santo family and I know somewhere in Heaven, he is clicking his heels. To the election board of the Hall of Fame, shame on you for not recognizing this deserving man while he was alive and could appreciate it.

  • Jim Schultz

    It’s about time!. And I saw him play on both sides of town. I also saw him in 1970 in a doubleheader against Montreal. He hit 2 -3 run home runs and a grand slam. And none of the home runs were chap. 1st one went onto the stret in left. The other 2 landed deep into the center field green background. Ronnie, enjoy this day!

  • mike in davenport

    I’m really happy about this. However, this is going to lead straight to Bernstein devoting a whole afternoon to trolling Santo fans. I think I’ll skip this afternoon.

    • Fan of The Beetfaced

      Meatball How-Could-They-Do-This-To-Me? Bear Fans + Meatball I-Told-You-So! Santo Believers? I disagree. Comedy awaits. Hope Clemenza makes some sauce.

  • Denver Deadite

    A big eff you to both the BWA and the Vets Committee for not getting this right with numerous chances years ago.

    And Mike, I’m heavily considering skipping the show as well for the very reason you state. The best case scenario is it gets a brief mention and then they move on to devoting to the rest of the show to the Bears game.

    • Spoon

      For once, I’m glad I’ll have to work and miss the show. Any time Santo comes up it’s just a free-for-all on missing leg jokes…

  • El Caballo's Matador

    Day late and a dollar short…… if Santo was still alive he doesn’t get voted in this year….just sayin…..ODALE!!!!

    • Dan

      I have to agtee with this one. I love Ron Santo, and think he should have been in a long time ago. How much money did the BWA take for not doing it for so long and how much now that he is gone?

  • KE


  • ace11

    Sorry but this guy was an Average player at best

    No way should he be in the hall of fame

    Cub fans wouldn’t know a hall of famer if one bit them in the rear end

    • CFLC

      By your comment, it’s obvious that you know nothing about the game. You must have been used for second base when growing up!

    • El Caballo's Matador

      There are a lot more players with worse stat lines than Santo…….just sayin……ODALE!!!

      • Denver Deadite

        Not to mention, he WAS one of the best at his position in his era, along with the fact that for whatever reason 3B are underrepresented in the Hall.

  • Krandmar

    I am sure he is kicking his heels today knowing the pride he had

  • South Loop Dave

    Why is everyone saying Santo would be happy about this? He specifically said that if he doesn’t get in before he dies then he doesn’t want in at all. It’s clear this is a posthumous award from the BWAA. If he didn’t get in on any of his other tries, why are they now saying he deserves it? Because he passed away. They should have done this earlier if they were going to do it at all. Now it just looks disingenuous and transparent.

    • Mike Fangman

      Maybe if he hadn’t whined about it, he would’ve gotten in when he was alive.


    I can’t believe that is is so under-represented. It’s one of the hardest defensive spots to fill.
    Because, it’s so dangerous.

    Well, I’m glad he’s in it, now.
    The thing about 1969 (and 2011) there’s a reason why they play all the games on the schedule. Some teams what to take down the champ, and, sometimes, they catch them off guard. There isn’t as many flukes in a season as long as baseball.


      Me fail English?
      That’s un-possible!

  • SteveZL1

    Reasons he belongs:
    1. Different height pitchers mound.
    2. Wider strike zone.
    3. The pitching he faced. Koufax, Drysdale, Gibson, etc. etc.
    5. Parks were not home run friendly like today.
    6. More HRs in the 60s than any other white player in the N.L.
    The list goes on & on & on.

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