Muller: The BCS Championship Game Is A Farce

By Shawn Muller-

(CBS) There are no “do overs” in life.

Well, unless your favorite college football team happens to be the Alabama Crimson Tide, of course.

If you hated the BCS system before Sunday’s announcement of the LSU-Alabama rematch on January 9th down in New Orleans, you absolutely despise the BCS system today.  How could you not?  It represents everything that is wrong with major college football.

I said it before, and I will say it again:  If you don’t win your division—and you don’t even play in your conference championship game—you do not deserve a spot in the NATIONAL championship game.  Alabama did neither and they do not deserve to play for the national championship.  Oklahoma State embarrassed the Oklahoma Sooners to the tune of 44-10 on Saturday to win the Big XII—and what the computers believed—was the toughest conference in the country this season.

So, remind me again why Oklahoma State is not playing for the BCS National Championship?

I know I am walking a thin line here by saying anything negative towards the SEC.  I know we are all supposed to kneel at the altar of college football’s (supposed) most powerful and most important conference, but all this SEC-bias has gotten so out-of-hand it is ridiculous.  I am sorry, but I just don’t see what all the fuss was about?

All season long, college football fans across the country are force fed pro-SEC propaganda:

–          SEC speed is vastly superior to any other conference.
–          No other conference power has to play a grueling SEC schedule.
–          It is a battle EVERY week in the SEC.
–          The SEC should merge with the NFL.

Ok, so maybe that last point was a bit of a stretch, but you get the idea: It seemed that the only thing stronger than Chuck Norris was the Southeastern Conference.

But I say bull.

Contrary to what the SEC-hype machine—otherwise known as ESPN—wants you to believe, there is really nothing overly special about the conference when you compare it to conferences like the Big XII, Big Ten, and the Pac 12.  Each one has a few really good teams, a couple of decent teams, and a group of horrible teams.

LSU is clearly the best team in the country heading into bowl season, and they absolutely deserve a spot in the championship game, but Alabama getting the rematch is a joke.  While I do think the Crimson Tide are good, they are not as special as everyone makes them out to be.

Who exactly did Alabama play in their so-called “brutal” SEC schedule?

Was it the 6-6 Florida Gators?  Was it the 6-6 Vanberbilt Commodores?  Maybe it was the 2-10 Ole’ Miss Rebels? Or the 5-7 Tennessee Volunteers?

The teams Alabama faced this season had a combined record of 84-61.  Looks like a pretty tough schedule, right?  Well, looks can be deceiving.

If you took LSU off the schedule (Alabama’s only loss) that number plummets to 71-61.  Take away 10-2 FCS opponent, Georgia Southern, and that number plummets to 61-59.  Alabama also had the luxury of playing LSU and Arkansas (their two-toughest games on paper) at home, so let’s not act like the Tide played some daunting schedule.  It was a mediocre schedule given more credit than it deserved. Nothing more, nothing less.

The same cannot be said about the Oklahoma State Cowboys schedule.

Oklahoma State’s combined opponents W-L record was 81-63 (without playing a 1-AA opponent). Yes, the Cowboys did lose to 6-6 Iowa State in Ames, Iowa, but the Cyclones are going to a bowl game, and it was in double overtime, so why are the Cowboys being penalized for losing a tough game (their only loss) on the road, while Alabama is being rewarded for losing a close game—in overtime—at home?

None of it makes sense, and I think it is one of the biggest jokes I have ever seen in college football.

And that’s saying something.

Everyone—including the pro-bowl contingent—knows that the only way to determine a true champion is through a playoff.  In a playoff, the best team in the regular season doesn’t always win the championship, but they are rewarded for their play by being given the “easiest” route.  If they lose, they lose, but you know what?  At least we know that whatever team actually does win the title actually EARNED IT.

Alabama did not EARN a spot in the BCS Championship.  They were given the benefit of the doubt in a laughable system.

What is an LSU-Alabama rematch going to prove?

LSU already beat Alabama.

Why should they have to do it again if it doesn’t occur in a playoff format?

Alabama had their chance and they blew it.

It was time for another team to get a crack at the Tigers and that team was the Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Sadly, this game—the game every college football fan outside of SEC country and maybe Norman, Oklahoma—wanted to see, will not take place.

Instead, we will once again, be reminded of just how inferior we are when compared to the mighty Southeastern Conference.

shawn muller 2 9 Muller: The BCS Championship Game Is A Farce

Shawn Muller

Shawn Muller has lived in the great city of Chicago for 7 years. He is a 2002 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and, in October of 2010, Shawn received his certificate in radio broadcasting. In his free time, Shawn enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and 3 year old daughter Ava, catching any live sporting event, and traveling. Check out his radio show, Grab Some Bench with Muller and Bangser” every Thursday night at 8:30 P.M., at Read more of his blogs here.

  • JJ

    Thank you sir for that accurate and honest piece.

  • JimT

    Hahahahaha, this is an honest buttkissing piece for okie state! If they played the Tide in a bowl, they would loose by 14 easy! They have a defense that plays like little girls!

    • David Anderson

      Numbers don’t like. Can’t deny facts. Alabama played a weaker schedule than OSU. It’s that simple. They don’t deserve to be in the NCG. You can make your claims all you like about what a score might be, what an outcome might be if LSU played OSU – but the fact is, we don’t know. However, we do know with certainty since the game has already been played….Alabama couldn’t beat them. Those are the facts and they are, sir, undeniable!

    • PistolPete24

      Sorry Jim T, but Alabama couldn’t even score a touchdown against a team with a pulse (LSU). How do you expect their weak offense to get the chance to attempt, much less make, a field goal against a decent defense? Yeah, I know OSU’s defense is the 107th ranked in the nation, blah, blah, blah… That 107th ranked defense dominated OU’s offense, which makes me believe that Alabama’s offense would have trouble scoring 14, much less beating OSU by 14. Sounds to me like OSU’s “little girls” defense might be a tough matchup for an offense that couldn’t score a TD and missed FOUR fieldgoals against a top rated team. Now step away from the library computer and go back to your trailer house.

    • DanDDiver

      Hey, Jim. Don’t know if you get tv in your part of Alabama, but OSU handed OU (the preseason #1) a severe butt-kicking due to a tougher-than-you-been-fed-by-ESPN defense.

      Bama will lose AGAIN to a superior LSU, showing the world that Bama is overrated and propped up by ESPN/ABC simply for the vast tv numbers of southern redneck Bama fans that would tune in.

      OSU would love to have a chance to have our offense hang over 50 points on that suspect Bama defense of yours, then shut down your anemic, limp-wristed offense with our opportunistic defense.

  • Kristin

    I, as an Oklahoma State fan, really appreciate this article. I’m beginning to believe, after reading many articles already this week on this topic, that a team like Oklahoma State—who is not seen as a regular powerhouse year after year—will never get a shot at the title game under a system like the BCS. I’m also realizing that even if the Cowboys were undefeated, we would probably still be heading to the Fiesta Bowl. Go Pokes!

    • Chili Dogg

      ” I’m also realizing that even if the Cowboys were undefeated, we would probably still be heading to the Fiesta Bowl.”

      I’m calling BS on this! OSU was ranked AHEAD of Alabama when you lost to ISU. You would still be #2 if you had won. You are just whining!

  • David Anderson

    Great piece! Keep up the honest, objective and fact-based reporting! Unlike the folks at ESPN.

  • Joe Zorn

    As an LSU fan, I am in total agreement.

    If roles had been reversed, ESPN would never have been singing LSU’s praises over OK State.

    Alabama has a clear inside track with the ESPN talking heads. As long as they can stay in the pack, they will be elevated to the top.

    They played LSU at home. They lost. Why didn’t we move to the next qualifier with better numbers?

    ESPN favoritism.

    • Chili Dogg

      I disagree, Joe. I heard sports talk guys saying before the Alabama-LSU game that LSU would be more likely to get to the NC game if they lost close than Alabama would. Alabama would not have made it if other teams had won games they were favored to win.

      My guess is you and other LSU fans would rather play a defense like OSU that gives up 26 points per game than Alabama’s. Anyway, Alabama outgained LSU the first time, outplayed them, and got robbed by a bad call by the refs when we should have had the ball on the LSU 1 yard line. Alabama beat themselves more then LSU beat them, and never trailed till the final play. My prediction: Bama will get revenge in January.

  • Joe Molina

    I actually feel bad for LSU here. They already beat Alabama at Alabama! What else do they need to prove. If they lose to Alabama now the National Chamionship should be split, otherwise LSU gets penalized for losing in Jauanry while Alabama gets rewarded for losing in November at HOME!

    • Chili Dogg

      Wah! Wah! I want my mommy! Why should LSU have to play ANYBODY in the NC game and risk being penalize for losing in January?? WAHHHH!!

  • Nick Glass

    I think the worst thing that could happen for the BCS is this scenario: Ok St. blows out Stanford and ‘Bama wins a close game in 2OT. ‘Bama has to be given the championship, and Ok St. can only finish 2nd. Further complicating matters would be if there was a split champion, which has happened twice in the last decade or so.

    Great article. Probably some of the best arguments for Ok St. over ‘Bama I’ve heard yet. I wonder what they’re saying down south.

  • Chili Dogg

    Calling a game between two great teams – the top 2 in the country – a farce is ridiculous and shows the author doesn’t know much about college football. OK, you prefer OSU, that’s fine. But your arguments have several flaws. I will go through a few of them:

    – You start by whining that ESPN is biased in favor of the SEC and claiming that is why Alabama is playing in the NC game. Are you aware SEC teams have won the last 5 NC games? They earned any praise they get. The truth is that if 2 or 3 other teams had won their games, Alabama would not be in the NC game. Blame an OSU loss to a 6-6 team, not Alabama.

    – You point out that Alabama played teams with a better winning percentage than OSU. Thanks for the info; I didn’t realize that after hearing so many commentators say how much tougher OSU’s schedule was. Then you say “take away their game with LSU” and it’s only such and such. That’s stupid! You can’t arbitrarily subtract the W-L record of a team they actually play to make them look worse. That is like counting only “core inflation” without food and energy, as though someone could live without food and energy. It’s nonsense.

    – You wrote “Yes, the Cowboys did lose to 6-6 Iowa State in Ames, Iowa”. Doh! You just blew your argument out of the water! OSU lost to a 6-6 team! You don’t lose to a 6-6 team and then get picked for the NC game 2 or 3 weeks later. Sorry! Win that game and you’re in.

    In the big picture, your whining and that of the commentors on this page, don’t really matter. The game is set and the best 2 teams are playing. It is too bad in a way, though, that OSU won’t get to face a real defense in LSU or Alabama. That would wake of some of the koolaid drinkers here.


  • Ron Cotten

    OSU supporters and Bama haters are one mixed up lot, first, they are directing their discontent in the wrong place. Bama had nothing to do with the cowboys utter failure in losing to Iowa ST, none whatsoever.

    All the haters keep saying give the cowboys a chance, need I remind you that the cowboys had their chance? Did not stanford lose? Did not Boise lose? Did not Oregon lose? Did not Bama lose? At that moment, when the cowboys hit #2, they had their own fate in their hands, it was not in Bamas hands or anyone else, it was theirs and theirs only. That was their chance, all they had to do was beat a 6 – 6 Iowa St.

    Next, the thing that gets me is, these same people are so eager to penalize Bama for their loss to the #1 team in the nation in OT, but, in the same breath, they want to be rewarded for losing to Iowa St. in 2 OT’s. Can anyone say hypocrites? One way to look at this, the cowboys had 3 chances to punch their ticket to Nawlins, regulation and 2 OT’s and they still couldn’t get it done.

  • DanDDiver

    I hope that LSU, once again, kicks the Crimson Tide.

    It would be a shame for LSU to lose to the ESPN/ABC hand-picked Bama in a rematch that never should have been allowed.

    Geaux Tigers!!

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