Pack Of Coyotes Surrounds Woman, Dogs In Lincoln Park

UPDATED: 12/6/2011 2:40 p.m.
CHICAGO (CBS) — A Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Julie Mann reports, Kate Dodge was out with her 20- and 50-pound leashed dogs, Gordy and Madara, before daybreak, when she saw the not-so-uncommon sight of coyotes near the corner of Clark Street and Armitage Avenue.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Julie Mann reports

This time, she says there were three coyotes.

“They were maybe 50 feet from me, so we stopped,” she said.

Instead of moving on, Dodge said, the coyotes approached.

“Two stopped 20 feet away and kind of just branched out a little bit around me,” Dodge said. “The third one ran right in, and it was within a foot of us.”

Terrified after one of the coyotes started staring aggressively, Dodge said she started screaming in hopes of scaring the animal away.

“He was darting at the one smaller dog here (Gordy, a Labradoodle) and I raised a huge commotion.”

Once there was a break in traffic on North Clark, Dodge was able to get across the street, get to her apartment and leave the coyotes behind.

Coyote sightings in the city are not uncommon, CBS 2’s Suzanne LeMignot reports. In November last year, a coyote was caught on tape running down the middle of State Street.

In April of 2007, a coyote walked into a Quizno’s in downtown Chicago and sat in the store’s beverage cooler for about 40 minutes, before Animal Control Officers captured the coyote.

“We’ve taken it for granted that we can mutually exist,” said Dodge. “I certainly don’t want to create any hype, but I was completely unprepared for this morning’s little episode.”

“This coyote had no fear of me,” she said.

Dodge says she is fearful for other dog owners in the area, and hopes for a quick and direct response from Chicago Animal Care and Control.

“There are, you know, 10, 15 people walking their dogs who have no idea that there’s this small pack of coyotes that have no reservations in approaching them,” she said.

  • Joe

    This is one of the worst written articles I have seen in a long time. How many typpos and other errors does there have to be before you guys hire a new editor.

    • Hugh


    • Jim Hamilton


      A question should end with a question mark. (?)

    • ZOOCOP

      This women is a joke and she is Lying!!! i work in area everyday and Coyotes DO NOT COME UP TO PEOPLE she needs to go see a Dr. on what she saw and make things up Lincoln Park is a good area. MAYBE SHE SAW ANOTHER DOG NOT ON A LEACH RUNNING FREE… LMBO

      • mark

        you are soooo full of it coyores will come up to you not all the time but they will i live in the country and hunt these animals alot they are very smart and very dangerous i shot a coyote last winter that came up to my wife and i while we where walking our 200 pound english mastiff soooooooo mayb you are wrong

      • ZoocopCrazy

        I had my dog out this morning and saw multiple coyotes near the Lincoln Park Zoo administration building and also called the authorities as the coyotes were wandering closer than usual. So zoocop check and actually use the simplest forms of investigation outside of your own experiences, while rare coyotes will come in contact with leashed pets and in extreme cases with humans as well…

    • Dan

      You spelled typo wrong

    • Brian

      What typos?

  • Greta Olson


  • Nick

    She is clearly lying about the entire encounter. Maybe she saw one, however coyotes do not behave like this at all. She described wolf behavior to the last detail, you would never see coyotes functioning like this outside of maybe a very inaccurate movie depiction. Get a life lasy and leave the wildlife alone!!!!

    • Chicago

      Nick – I will not go as far as to say she is lying but here is their hunting habits:
      Coyotes shift their hunting techniques in accordance with their prey. When hunting small animals such as mice, they slowly stalk through the grass, and use their acute sense of smell to track down the prey. When the prey is located, the coyotes stiffen and pounce on the prey in a cat-like manner. Coyotes will commonly work in teams when hunting large ungulates such as deer, which is more common in winter (when large prey is likely weakened) and in larger-bodied northern coyotes. Coyotes may take turns in baiting and pursuing the deer to exhaustion, or they may drive it towards a hidden member of the pack.[3] When attacking large prey, coyotes attack from the rear and the flanks of their prey. Occasionally, they also grab the neck and head, pulling the animal down to the ground. Coyotes are persistent hunters, with successful attacks sometimes lasting as long as 21 hours; even unsuccessful ones can continue more than eight hours before the coyotes give up.

      • Another Nick

        So you copy and pasted info from wikipedia and are pretending to be knowledgeable on the subject.

      • Another Nick, Another Idiot

        I think it’s pretty clear that Chicago was copying and pasting and not trying to appear as if they came up with that on their own. Geez, lay off.

      • margi

        Coyotes do not hunt in packs. This was most likely a family, mom and 2 kids, learning how to hunt. If they are hungry they will attack small animals or even small people. There are plenty places in the city where they can hide, and they are extremely adaptable to city living. They are primarily scavengers, however, and really prefer to hunt garbage.

        I don’t know about prolonged and persistent attacks.

      • Nick

        Thanks Chicago, so if she did have this type of encounter her and or her little dogs would have surely have perished….. !

      • Roberta Waker

        Thanks for the info, Chicago, you are right on. Coyotes are known to adapt to their surroundings. This woman was very lucky that they didn’t attack her and her dogs; probably because she had two dogs with her vs three coyotes. As their hunger increases, the coyotes will become more of a threat, not only to dogs, cats and people, but any young children in the area. She needs to take someone with her when she walks her dogs or learn how to shoot to defend herself.

    • Brian

      Listen jerkbrain, I know this woman and she is very honest and has lived in a rural area most of her life. She is not making up this story. You obviously know nothing about coyotes. They will hunt in packs and are organized when hunting together. Several suburban families can describe how 2 or 3 coyotes attacked their dogs or cats.

      • Concerned Person

        Coyotes are not wandering one of chicago’s most densly populated areas hunting in packs. This type of misinformation can do nothing but harm! They are spotted and very rarely seen by humans. Their numbers and presence is definately not being disputed here. Their is ample diet of rodents and garbage and the adaptation to hunting people walking with 2 dogs has not occured. And if they were gonna start preying on larger game… such as man I am sure the first time it happens would not be someone traveling with multiple dogs. Just saying.

  • john

    The Morons running the city can’t even control skunks… coyotes are here to stay.

  • Chicago

    And . . .
    I have a good 50lb raccoon living under my deck.
    You think the city would care about that?

    • Pat Frederickson

      Seriously. I’m more fearful of the gall darn rats and rabid raccoons than I am of coyote.

    • Roberta Waker

      Nope. Animal Conrol only “controls” dogs and cats. You might want to get rid of this raccoon because they can be very dangerous, especially if it’s a female with young ones and you have a dog, cat or children.

      • Chicago

        Short of shooting it, I don’t know how to get rid of it.
        It has been living under there for a couple years now.
        The area in which it enters and leaves is between two wooden fences that is about 1 – 1.5 feet in width.
        My entire yard is surrounded by a wooden fence.
        The deck where it lives is a three tiered deck and it goes under the second tier.
        Short of taking off deck boards and leaving the area exposed to other animals, I don’t know how to get rid of it.
        I have tried a radio at full volume placed under the deck, a large battery operated flashlight, cyoote urine (bought at Bass Pro Shops), mothballs, and some other things I will not post.
        If I where to set a trap (which I would have to purchase myself), who removes the trap? I’m not going to touch that thing!
        So, it lives under the deck. It comes out at night and goes on it’s hunt for food and comes back just before dawn.

  • Annie Oakley

    Next they’ll be going after people’s iPhones at the L stops…

    • Nick

      Exactly why I stick to cheepy phones… last thing I need is a coyote getting my iPhone and reselling it to an area pawn shop!

    • Pat Frederickson

      LOL! True.

  • J

    Chicago, you forgot to remove one of the citations from your Wikipedia page on coyotes.

    I have to agree with Nick on this. This incident is most likely embellished.

    • Chicago

      I wasn’t trying to imply that I wrote that myself.
      Unfortunately I forgot to site the source.
      My error.
      Get over it people.
      The point is about the coyotes behavior and not what I pasted into my post!
      Get over it!

    • Pat Frederickson

      I agree. Embellished. Embellished out of anxiety, probably. She might have seen more than one coyote that morning… but surrounding her, and as close as a foot away? This is so unlikely a scenario that I’d sooner believe a mountain lion rang her doorbell.

  • skyler marks

    I lived near that intersection for two years and I rarely saw any coyotes. If I saw one it was by itself and it avoided people by hiding in the trees in the wetlands area by the zoo.

    • Brian

      If you are in the Park early in the morning or in the evening you will see at least 1 coyote almost every day.

  • Chivi

    I found a family of raccoons (mom, dad and 3 babies) living in my dad’s attic. We sited 2 coyotes roaming the backyard before we sealed it off. We are just west of the Loop.

    • Morons

      Sited? Seriously? Where did you go to school? I bet you sited them right after you seen them. One of Chicago Public School’s finest…

  • Charles

    They were here first, and we humans pushed them out, along with other native species. From urban sprawl, to the use of DDT long ago caused many species to be killed or pushed out farther. The reintroduction of the peregrine falcon is working nicely to reduce the population of rats and pigeons. So what is wrong with coyotes since they are doing the same thing (also they are controlling the Canadian goose and rabbit population). I think there needs to be a wider public education plan to show and tell people, what they (coyotes) do and how they typically act. Most of us as urban dwellers are not use to the sight of large wild airmails running around and to some that can be unsettling, but as I said, there were here first and we pushed them out.

    • Pat Frederickson


    • Yaspar

      Actually not. Coyotes were originally endemic to a very small area of the Southwest, but have hybridyzed with domestic dogs, and expanded their range to cover the entire continent. The photo in the story is of a dog-coyote hybrid. These are bigger, more aggressive and more pack-oriented than pure coyotes. I see them often while hiking or riding here in Utah.

  • Roberta Waker

    I totally agree that they were here first, but if they are a threat to animals and children, someone needs to deal with the problem. Maybe they could trap them and send them to a forest preserve or somewhere they can live free. Any animals that overpopulate are a threat to each other as well as humans and need to be dealt with in a humane manner.

    • Charles

      Coyotes rarely attack humans, while it can happen it is not often. more people are attacked and killed by domestic dogs each year. For comparison, over 300 people have been killed by domestic dogs in the U.S. between 1979 and the late 1990s. (Humane Society of the U.S., reported in Tracking and the Art of Seeing, Paul Rezendes, second edition, 1999, p. 194) (

  • Some Guy

    I think they should find a coyote – from anywhere – and publicly execute it at the corner of Clark and Armitage and then leave its remains right there as an example for all other coyotes. I also think this lady is lying.

  • Bill Chasteen

    put bounty on them…only way to get them exterminated… oh but please dont hurt them the animal activists will get upset… and for all of you know it alls they will hunt in packs and prey on anything they want when they are hungry… i have been a predator hunter and trapper for 30 years.

  • Jim Hamilton
  • Pack Of Coyotes Surrounds Woman, Dogs In Lincoln Park | Todays Dog Blog

    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning. […]


    Isn’t the city protecting coyotes by tagging them and studying them? That’s why they are here.

    And now they’ve turned into gangs of coyotes. Must call gang unit.


  • Guest

    We had 3 coyotes in our backyard. They literally ate my neighbor’s cat. I heard the whole thing, it was awful. A small dog nearby was also attacked by 3 coyotes in the backyard, it got away but needed hundreds of stitches and is lucky to be alive. Some of these coyotes are mangy, and bleeding. Mostly I see them alone, but at times they do work in groups. Sometimes they start howling several hundred feet from each other.

    • Ron Wagner

      You are wrong. Why would you question her. She saw three coyotes trying a coordinated attack on her. Coyotes kill pets frequently. They also occasionally maul or kill people. A young woman was killed by a coyote last year in Quebec, Canada on a walking trail.

      • Guest

        I’m not joking. I believe her. They probably were targeting one of the dogs.

  • Great Dogs Today » Pack Of Coyotes Surrounds Woman, Dogs In Lincoln Park

    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning. […]

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    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning. […]

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    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning. Be Sociable, Share! […]

  • Sam Bailey

    A pack of coyotes came within a foot of two of my neighbors at different times on their riding lawn mowers – they are becoming ore aggressive – especially in the fall and spring.

  • Ron Wagner

    They should all be shot. There are hunters out there that will do it for free if allowed. Don’t wait for a child or small person to be killed, or even their pets. Don’t leave your dogs where the coyotes can get to them, even if you think they are macho. They can’t handle several coyotes. Don’t leave pet food out to attract them either.

    • Nick

      Ron, you are spot on, having a bunch of hunters shooting high powered rifles in the heart of the city will definately prevent children, people and household pets from getting hurt. You sir are a freakin idiot!!!!

      • Jim hamilton

        Nick Don’t be so quick to assume

        There are several ways to hunt these animals safely, one way is live traps and tranquilizers.
        If I were so worried about them comming to my back door I would just load some rat poison into some ground beef and put it out for them

  • Pack Of Coyotes Surrounds Woman, Dogs In Lincoln Park | Dog Blog Online

    […] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptA Lincoln Park neighborhood woman says she is fearful for people walking their dogs on the North Side after a very close encounter with a pack of coyotes Tuesday morning. […]

  • Mike from Wrigley

    This story sounds highly embellished. I am no animal expert by any means, but I have had my share of run-ins with coyotes here in the city. They are curious animals by nature, and seem to be quite comfortable with human interaction. This area where the incident supposedly occurred has literally hundreds of rabbits inhabiting the grounds in the park, and will attract coyotes by scent alone. They are much easier prey than a woman and her dogs, especially a 50 pounder. Coyotes weigh about 30-45 lbs full grown, but that doesn’t mean they will be afraid of a larger dog. A few weeks ago a rogue coyote approached my 65 lb dog within 50-60 feet, rather fearlessly, until it saw me, then high-tailed it in the opposite direction. Coyotes’ presence in the city will ebb and fow, but no one can stop them completely from prowling the streets and parks. Don’t forget, they also eat rats!

    • From The Coyote Man

      Run rabbits Run lol

  • Nick

    @ Jim – Live trapping would be done by trappers. Tranquilizers are typically administered by wildlife biologists, zoologists, and vetranarians as part of a wider IPM program or relocation program…. not hunters. To say, “hell… call in a bunch of hunters and let them hunt and they’ll do it for free” implies exactly that. How ignorant some people can be still amazes me as much as this lady, who dialed 911, incited a serious city response that left ACC workers and police on seen over 4 hours investigating to turn up no evidence what-so-ever of recent coyote activity, let alone minutes before their arrival. Seriously, leave wild animals alone and they will leave us alone!

    • Jim Hamilton

      Nick really you are looking very shallow here trapping is a form of hunting my family have been doing it for years we hunt to find where the animals are and what types of animals before we set traps.

      Your right you can’t just declare open season in downtown Chicago but working with your local dog catcher or animal control warden which ever you call it

      The animal control warden also has a tranquilizer gun at his disposal along with traps. I personaly prefer a 22 when i used to run traps but I’m sure if someone were to trap a coyote in Chicago and put it down with a firearm some animal activist freak would be screaming cruelty.

      As far as just leave them alone, no thats not the answere they will keep breading more and soon the area will be over populated by them. There are safe ways to hunt even in the city.

    • NostradomusNick

      Nick do you live anywhere in Lincoln Park? As a resident who was walking their large dog this morning post 6:30 and unaware of the disturbance I called Animal Care and Control and followed up an email with the Cook County Illinois Project. They were approaching closer than normal and if you do a little searching beyond this article there were multiple 911 calls this morning regarding coyote proximity. We’ve lived around them for years but this morning was different. Deal with it.

      • Nick

        I actually live away from lincoln park but along the chicago sanitary canal where there are plenty of coyotes. Funny thing is we dont all cry and scream when one is walking around. We reach for our cameras and appreciate the beautiful wildlife. They prob leave us alone becasue we are not shreiking like animals ourselves while our 9 pound labradoodles (spell check) jump in our arms as well call people to chase them around because we are unjustly afraid. Appreciate that nature and wildlife can final thrive, that the city is finally getting clean enough to harness the reintroduction of species long since seen here bacause of our gross mistreatment of our surroundings and misuse of chemical agents and other means of culling. We are just a scared group of spoiled whiny wimps. Seriously, I hope a coyote eats your poodle so all this hate and injustice brought on an animal with more claim to the land than your high rent paying yuppie butt can be deserved. Stop chasing them and maybe they wont chase back. The end…. Not gonna let a bunch of sissy yuppies spoil my dinner!!!!

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