(WSCR) Losing a football game on a Haily Mary is one of the most disappointing and discouraging ways to lose. When that Hail Mary is the only touchdown scored in the game, it makes it all the worse.

“I think it’s really more difficult to take that really, we lost off of a Hail Mary,” Lance Briggs said Tuesday on the Miller Lite Top Draft Show. “It wasn’t a Hail Mary at the end of the game. This was a Hail Mary at the end of the first half. We kept them out of the end zone. Offensively, they weren’t successful against our defense. That’s the most disappointing part.

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When Tyler Palko’s 38-yard Hail Mary pass went up at the end of the first half, Brian Urlacher had a chance to intercept, but instead, he and Chris Conte did as they were taught, and knocked the ball to the ground.

Instead of the ball going to the ground, however, it went right into the arms of Chiefs running back Dexter McCluster.

“Going over the play, the way that everything happened, all of our players did everything we were supposed to do — the guys that were in that back seven who knocked the ball down,” Brigg said. “The Chiefs sent out their running back out of the backfield, which is an unaccounted player. So when Brian knocked the ball down, the running back jumped under the ball and catches it in the end zone. … We practice that every week, and every week, that’s the way it’s supposed to work out minus that extra player.”


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