Walter’s Perspective: Let Us Hear All The Blago Tapes

Like many people right now, I’m guessing about years in prison for Rod Blagojevich.

But what I know for sure is that there’s more to the Blago story we’re being told; more about those bugs on his phones.

We’ve heard the tapes of the bugs that convicted Blagojevich; not the tapes he says may exonerate him; conversations with Sen. Harry Reid, for example, and Rahm Emanuel.

No, says Judge James B. Zagel. No tapes. They are “not admissible under the standards of hearsay at sentencing.” Whatever that means.

Blagojevich says there’s evidence on the tapes that will exonerate him, and Judge Zagel says “standards of hearsay at sentencing?”

Excuse me, your honor, but why should standards of hearsay-whatever outweigh our need to know all there is to know about a convicted governor?

Go ahead and sentence Blagojevich to whatever you think he deserves. But about our need to know, sir, let us hear what’s on those tapes.

  • dennis

    I have said this to myself a number of times, Walter.
    What are they trying to hide?????

    This whole issue is much more involved then we will ever know, but
    that is the way with our politics these days & in my opinion it starts
    right in Washington.


    Exactly Obama had them sealed just like all his other records and fast and furious records as well.They want to rod away for 25 yrs on hear say but all of the Washington and they’re big banking buddies could rob us of trillions of dollars and then trash the economy and everybody get’s bonuses and we all suffer trying to make ends meet.

  • Wolf

    lets hear it all and we should be able to put all the politicians at the federal, state and local levels behind bars immediately and finally have a chance to save this nation from the imminent financial collapse and restructure this massively bloated and corrupt public sector operation at the federal, state and local levels…

  • Micheal Savage

    Walter,I’ll tell you what I bet obama is on those tapes or one of his people dealing for that seat and maybe more,Walter don’t act stupid like everyone else in the MEDIA WORLD.

  • Dylan

    Can we please stop wasting out time and tax dollars on this idiot? They all do it. He was dumb enough to get caught. Now do your time like a boss.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Walter i agree with you here our tax dollars made those tapes and we should be able to hear whats on them.

    Support HB 148 The Right To Carry

  • Shayne Watts

    Lets hear the tapes….for good or bad, for richer or poorer, in sicknes and in health, in jail or not jail, let’s hear the d…n tapes.

  • Frank

    Walter, you are right! We should be able to listen to all the tapes!

  • Roxanne

    I agree totally Walter….

  • kiddos2

    I agree, they are hiding something by not allowing all the tapes to be heard. We, as taxpayers, deserve to hear ALL of the tapes.

  • Frank

    Walter, is there a way to force the US Government to release the tapes? or will this take an act of Congress?

    • Sue

      We need Walter to investigate this.

      Media attention should be paid to this gross abuse of power by Judge James B. Zagel.

  • Pinkie Vegas

    Over/Under 8.5 Years

  • Sue

    Walter is one of the last true investigative reporters.

    The public and certainly Governor Blagojevich has a right to hear all the tapes.

    What is Judge James B. Zagel hiding and why? What is “standards of hearsay at sentencing”?

    Judicial bias is one of the reasons cited in the appeal that is being filed. Is there a connection between Zagel and Emmanuel? Why are the tapes with Emmanuel and Obama not being heard?

    This should have been declared a mistrial for that reason alone.

    Walter, can you do investigative reporting on this? It certainly seems like the right thing to do.

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