CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s been one exactly month since a suburban family took a new approach to “Survive This Economy.”

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker has been following the real-life struggles of the Wright family and their efforts to stay on a financial diet.

So how are the Wrights doing and what’s their biggest money temptation so far? Sinora and Marcus Wright like the convenience of fast food. It’s been the biggest obstacle to keeping their family on a financial diet.

Last month, life coach Dr. Amy Johnson suggested the Wrights spend a week tracking their spending. Their fast food bill added up to a $125.

“Surprised is an understatement. I was shocked. I was ready to cry” Marcus Wright said.

He was also ready to make a change. By week one, the Wrights had reduced the fast food bill to $50; by week two it was down to $15; then they slipped and spent $55; so far this week, they’ve spent $20.

Instead of the usual $500 in four weeks, they only spent $140, saving $360.

“We just looked at it and planned better,” Marcus Wright said. “We started cutting our time of being out to come back sooner, so we could eat at home versus, let’s stop.”

“You’re doing a heck of a lot better than you were a month ago,” Johnson told the Wrights.

While they got big kudos, Johnson said it was important to talk about the slip up in week three and what happened.

“It’s Christmas and … you’re always out,” Marcus Wright said.

It’s the reality of life is what Johnson explained to the Wrights, and she acknowledged that sticking to a diet, especially during the holidays, will be a struggle.

“Even if you do slip back, that’s okay, just try not to slide all the way back,” said Johnson. “Just remember to remind yourself this is temporary, and we’ll get right back on track in a couple of weeks.”

“We know we can do it,” Wright said. “We just needed that little extra push and that’s what she offered.”

They might have stumbled, but overall the Wrights are doing pretty well. With the fast food savings of $360, plus the $137 they saved a couple of weeks ago the Wrights have a total of $497 in savings in their piggy bank.

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