Walter’s Perspective: Chicago Still Ain’t Ready For Reform

CHICAGO (CBS) — Have you been hearing the talk about 14 years in prison for Rod Blagojevich, the reason being deterrence? The word is that Blago in prison will deter politicians from corruption, but I don’t buy it, because the facts don’t support it.

Remember Gov. Otto Kerner? He was sent to prison, which did not deter Gov. Dan Walker, who was sent to prison, which didn’t deter Gov. George Ryan, who was sent to prison, which didn’t deter Blagojevich.

Congressman Mel Reynolds in prison didn’t deter Congressman Dan Rostenkowski.

Judge Reginald Holzer didn’t deter Judge Thomas Maloney or Wayne Olson or Judge Richard LeFevour.

The first Chicago alderman sentenced to prison didn’t deter the second, who didn’t deter the third or 4th or 5th, or 10th, 15th, 20th or 25th, or 26th, 27th, 28th, or 29th. Undeterred alderman have been convicted of bribery, extortion, embezzlement, you name it.

Big time corruption; so where’s the deterrent?

It was the legendary Ald. Paddy Bauler, 50 years ago, who said “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.” Believe me, it still ain’t.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Dam Walter you b i t c h about stuff more than I do

  • tom Sharp

    I repeat myself: lynch Blago and Patti and leave them dangling from the Picasso until they rot–that and term limits of one are deterrents!

  • TinStar

    …and there’s more to go to jail…not just in the State of Chicago. Just look at Harvey, Dolton, Riverdale, and Country Club Hills for starters. There are mayors and cops who need to wear the silver bracelets. The FBI better get some more agents and office space; they’re gonna need them.

  • ca

    Does he really think we care what an old POS who has a DUI in his past, says!

  • hap

    You need strong and unbiased State Attorney Generals with many assistants and investigators who have the balls to get rid of these sliimballs. The public is too apathetic (look at percentage of Illinois people that do not vote) and think it is a lost cause and a waste of their vote. Hardworking taxpayers do not have time to sit at protest rallies, storm the State Capitol, etc. Keep throwing more and more of these lawbreakers into jail. Unfortunately, the state doesn’t have enough money to pay for all these cases. Seems like these politicians know how to “hide” their money and expect public assistance because they are “broke”. As John Stossel would say, “give me a break”.

  • ronnyo

    This city is losing population as we speak and continue to lose population with the “tax the consumer/tax breaks for business policies”——pretty “bass akwards”–don’t you think?

  • Henry T. Felski

    The reason previous sentences did not deter the crooked, selfish politicians is very obvious! The sentences were not long enough.

    Perhaps the Blagoyevich sentence will be a deterent. If not then make the next sentence, even, L-O-N-G-E-R!!!!!!!

    You stated that Walker’a conviction did not deter Gov. Kerner!!
    was convicted BEFORE Walker!!!!!!

  • Heny T. Felski

    I keep hearing that people of IL voted for Blago in his last run for Governor even though we knew that he was crooked!!!

    In that election I voted for QUINN not Blago, because I expected Blago to be impeached long before he actually was. MY VOTE WAS FOR PAT QUINN!!!


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