By: David Schuster

Jerry Angelo said he was “embarrassed” by the attention he was getting Sunday following reports that he would retire at season’s end. Angelo firmly denied those reports, “I don’t know where that came from but it’s not true. I’m not upset by it. Rather,  I’m amused”.

Angelo did say though the day will eventually come, “You get to a point in your career and that thought does come up. I’ve been in the league a long time but I still enjoy what I do very much. I’ve been very fortunate and I work with a great orgnaization and with great people and I still want to make a run at this. My goal is still to win a championship and I would really like to do that so that is what I’m focused on”.

Angelo also addressed a few other topics. He said he isn’t ruling out that Jay Cutler could return for the final game of the regular season up in Minnesota.  Angelo still isn’t sure when Matt Forte will be able to return from his knee injury saying  he’ll know more about Forte’s status this coming week.

And Angelo said the reports of Mike Martz’s status are also greatly overblown, “We’ve had many a coach go into their final year without a new contract and they’ve come back after that. But, all of that will be addressed at the proper time and that time isn’t now”.


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