Dog Abandoned In Cold, Beaten By Kids On West Side

CHICAGO (CBS) — There is a heart-wrenching story Monday morning about a West Side family on-the-move, a pet dog abandoned in the cold, and some cruel kids.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, over the weekend, Lashon Johnson, and her son, Lorenzo, 18, moved into a new apartment, but the new landlord doesn’t allow pets, the Chicago Tribune reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

So, the Tribune reported, while the Johnsons moved their belongings by shopping cart two blocks to their new home, they tried to get Isis to leave them.

But of course, the dog followed, and began howling for hours outside the new home in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, the newspaper reported.

Then at some point, some children showed up just a few doors from the Johnsons’ new home, and began beating the dog with baseball bats and a broomstick, the Tribune reported. The dog left a trail of bloody paw prints as she returned to the Johnsons’ front door, the paper said.

Police were eventually called, and Johnson, 42, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for leaving the dog outside, the Tribune reported.

The shepherd terrier is expected to survive the attack, according to the Tribune.

  • Jim Hamilton

    The pet owner is neglectfull but those savage kids need to be held resposible too those kids should pay the vet bills

    • Jim Hamilton

      Better yet they should do community service at the animal shelter

      • FlipFlops2001

        They should be in detention and no where near an animal shelter.

    • Roberta Waker

      Jim. Things like this will never change because the owner isn’t being charged with a felony. She probably knew what these kids were doing and did nothing to stop them. There must be a lot of violence in their homes if they could beat this poor dog so savagely. Hope DCFS steps in as well as Animal Control to find and prosecute them. “Neglectful” is too nice a word for the dog’s owner – maybe abandonment or something more appropriate. She could have taken him to a shelter instead of just turning him out in the cold. Wonder how she treats her parents???

      • FlipFlops2001

        That’s why the law should be changed to a felony to reflect the severity of the crime.

    • Barnes

      And who are the animals. Maybe the police should check those kids for being future serial killers. The owner could have taken the dog to a shelter so there is no excuse.

  • Roberta Waker

    Track down and catch these kids NOW before they become serial killers. The parents should be tracked down, charged and fined for their children’s behavior. Beating a defenseless dog with a baseball bat – charge them with attempted murder or felony animal abuse and let DCFS check out the parents and their home life. Children capable of that kind of violence must be around it or they wouldn’t do it. I hope this poor dog is able to get a new, loving home and it’s previous owner is NEVER allowed to have another “pet”.

    • Kati

      Kids like this will grow up to be hateful, irresponsible adults.
      Every single one of these kids needs to be put in jail for the max amount of time. They’ll never learn. People that get off on hurting animals, children or the elderly. Are sick in the head.
      I think even if they do get the max time for felony animal cruelty (which is only about 5 years, MAX) They won’t learn, like i said people that do this kind of stuff are sick in the head and need to be put in a mental institution. They’ll grow up to be rapists, serial killers or just plain abusers of people or animals that are weaker than they are.

  • pak31

    Disgusting and dispicable behavior. It is unbelievable to me that human beings can be so uncaring, unfeeling, and heartless. The owners couldn’t take the time to either find an apartment that took pets or find a shelter to bring him to? How can you just leave your pet and walk away? How can someone have no problem doing that? Then for children, innocent children, to actually want to abuse and find enjoyment in harming and/or almost killing a living thing? All the people involved, in my opinion, have a status lower than animals. All I want to do after reading this is take that dog and hug it. I hope she finds a new owner and gets to experience real love.

    • Yard Ape

      Human beings?? I agree with your statement, EXCEPT that reference!!!

  • Jean White

    How CRUEL. The owner should have taken the dog to a shelter instead of abandoning him out in the cold. The loyal and loving pet would not have been beaten by those disgusting kids. The police should find those kids before they hurt another defenseless animal or maybe another kid. I hope the poor dog gets a new owner that will take good care of him forever and he gets the loving home he deserves.

  • Beverly

    OK, deep sigh here from me. The racist comments are ugly and wrong. Any child raised in an environment where kindness to animals, and children, is not practiced will not learn compassion, nor will they practice empathy. Some families see animals as disposable property and not living creatures that deserve care and affection. There are puppy mills where animals are bred to death, but that is business and those dogs are livestock. It’s hypocritical to condemn these children but support the business person who cruelly confines animals to living in a wire cage just so they can sell sickly puppies for profit. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with casual cruelty.

    • Jim Hamilton

      @ Beverly’

      The dog wasn’t in a cage and you don’t know where they got the dog You’re just a babbling goofball

    • Michael Payne

      OK Bev, deep sigh for me too for having to say this.

      You say “The racist comments are ugly and wrong”.

      You a stupid biyatch, too bad it wasn’t Y O U the darling little Eskimos beat with a baseball bat.

      • Michael Payne

        btw Bev, I’ve been Black all my 62yrs of life – and I know just how those so-called “kids” are.

  • Tina

    Can I adopt this poor dog??

    • Roberta Waker

      Check with the police or animal control to find out where Isis was taken so you can adopt her and give her a loving home. God bless you and all the people that rescue these poor animals and give them loving forever homes. Hope you can locate and adopt her.

  • Gina

    I hope someone beats those angry kids with the baseball bat!!!

  • Tom

    Dear Santa; May the people who abandoned and beat the dog suffer a miserable and untimely death. If you can make this come true, i’ll leave you some extra cookies and milk.

  • Patty Reynolds-Andersen

    This is just such a terrible story….start to finish – what is really upsetting and scary is that children abused this poor abandoned dog – what are these children being taught – shame on their parents!

  • Annie

    The poor baby!!
    We have 3 rescue dogs at this time that we will keep until they die. 9 year old beagle, 9 year old mini pin and a mini pin that we are not sure of age 10 plus according to the vet. all were abandoned by their owners and the last mini pin was left in a drug house on the west side. My husband and family love these dogs to death.
    We have suffered financial setbacks in the last 2 years due to my husband’s disability. I am fortunate to have my full time employment.
    There is absolutely no reason to throw an animal in the cold. there is paws and anti-crueltly.
    And it does seem that life in general is held in low esteem by some.
    It was heartbreaking to read that the dog followed the owner and howled to come in.
    We have room for one more.

    • Cindy

      Hi Annie, I am actually from Canada, just read the story of this poor dog. Do you know if anyone knows where the dog is being cared for? All of my animals are rescues also and I don’t have a clue what could possess someone to abandon their animal and than sit there and watch it be abused. Hopefully, those individuals NEVER own another animal. I would adopt this poor baby in a second. Let me know if you have any info on Isis, I would figure out a way to bring him home, thanks Cindy

    • Chicago Kristen

      You are a sweetheart Annie! :)

      As for these owners and bat weilders, If they turned up face down bloody in a gutter it would be a great ending!!! And of course Isis in a loving home!

      Merry Christmas all you animal loving people, I wish you health and happiness.

  • Bruce Brainerd

    The bats now need to be turned on the owners

  • Tim

    These people were moving their belongings by “shopping cart”….. How can you possibly fine them? As far as taking the dog to a shelter….again, in a “shopping cart”??? The Idiots shouldn’t have had the dog in the first place. Hopefully what goes around comes around……

  • Sharyn Pionto

    I am writing this with a lump in my throat. How very gut wrenching. I only hope these mutant sub humans ALL get prosecuted and not just get a slap on the wrist, but I doubt it. Sickening Does anyone know what police station handled this so we can call and voice our outrage? Just sickening

    • Lyndia

      Possibly the 11 district at Kedzie and Harrison.

  • Vicky Kujawa

    What trash all around….put them out in the cold and beat them too!

  • lisa castillo

    I am so appalled by the behavior of the owner and the kids. There must be a stiffer law for people who abuse and mistreat animals.We need to take action in Illinois to make this a more serious offense. Only action will deter this behavior. Just talking will never stop this from happiningg to these poor defensless animals. I am so angry and upset by this family.

  • eLew

    I am glad to read all of the comments that as many people feel the same way I do. What we all can do is take the law into our own hands if we ever witness something like this!

  • flipflops2001

    The laws for this kind of of crime should be re-written so that it’s a felony, not a misdemeanor, which is just a slap on the wrist.

    • Gloria

      I cannot agree with more.

  • IKare1

    Unfortunately, most crimes against animals are misdemeanors. If any punishment is handed down at all, it’s a slap on the wrist at best. Animal lovers must contact their representatives and demand that the laws be changed so that the punishment for a crime against an animal is the same as if it were committed against a human being. If this story upsets you, email your legislators and demand action.

  • Liz Gannon

    JOIN ME in calling the State’s Attorneys office at 773-336-5186 to insist that felony charges be pursued; that all the perpetrators be found — and their parent/s if minors — and that they are forever banned from owning another pet.

    • Chicago Kristen

      no answer at 8:00 am tuesday morning. :( oh man was I ready to go off

    • Michael Payne

      THANK YOU Liz – I WILL be calling them

  • Lyndia

    So should you.

  • Hernan

    I can’t believe someone can be so cruel and unintelligent. A poor defenseless animal left in the bitter cold to fence for itself after being domesticated by its owner. people have no self awareness of the suffering the cause in this world. with so many options available to prevent such events, this dog owner decides to do the worst possible thing to this animal. The kids involved in the brutal beating should be sat down and told that what they did was wrong. Also, be taken to see the animal they abused. The kids must learn from the mistake they committed. Maybe after seeing the harm and misery they inflicted to another form of life, they will be advocates for animal rights.

  • S

    Not only does it sound like these kids were “bothered” by the cold neglected dogs’s barking…their instinctive reaction is to kill the problem. You don’t use weapons without intent to destroy, Use a bat to eliminate the obvious problem…what would this society lose really…a selfish drain on all taxpayers.

  • Gloria

    G-d bless you beautiful & faithful dog. We heard your name is Ilsa. We love you.

    • Jim Hamilton

      The dogs name is Isis not IIsa

      • Gloria

        You are right. The poor dog’s name is Isis.

  • Willie

    on april 2008 I came home from church to find a kitten less than a month old whining on my lawn, i came inside and got milk for him ,the next morning he was still there.I knew he was helpless and had been injuredso I put him in the garage to keep him safe from predators.I soon took him to a vet and had him innoculated. He has been in the house every since and I have never considered gettring rid of him. By the way I AM BLACK!!!

  • Bee

    I knew kids when I was little who were cruel to animals. They did horrible things to a cat one time, but there were always rumors about other things they did to animals. They grew up to be criminals and were implicated in a murder of a family member. Most of the kids in the neighborhood stayed away from them. So I worry for kids who find glee in hurting an animal. Compassion for your fellow man is learned in childhood and best learned by kindness to vulnerable animals. Someone needs to reach out to those kids!

    • Afro

      Yeah reach out and whap em with a stick my mom called it a switch I bet they never heard of one in this manor.

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