iPhone Leads Police To Suspects In 3 Home Invasions

CHICAGO (CBS) — Smart phones may be tempting for robbers to take, but a couple of suspects were outsmarted by the owners of the phones they stole this weekend.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, police say the theft of an iPhone helped lead police to two suspects who are suspected in a series of home break-ins on the North and Near West sides.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Aaron Smith, 22, and Joe Parker, 20, were arrested about 5 p.m. Saturday after Near North District police spotted them in stolen vehicle, according to a police News Affairs release.

A University of Illinois at Chicago police officer used GPS phone tracking technology to help police find one suspect around North Avenue and Clark Street. The other was found near Belmont Avenue and Clark Street.

Police recovered one victim’s wallet, along with a long-barrel .357 Magnum revolver, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Police say the suspects stole the iPhone from a house in the 1100 block of West 13th Street, on the former site of the ABLA public housing development just west of the University Village neighborhood.

Just half an hour before they were arrested, the pair allegedly walked up to the house and said they had car trouble. Once inside, they allegedly pistol-whipped two people and robbed them of cash, electronics and telephones before fleeing in a blue vehicle with out-of-state license plates.

Police recovered a loaded .357 revolver and proceeds from the robbery in the vehicle, the release said.

They were later identified as suspects in two other alleged home invasions Saturday. One was in the 1800 block of West Cuyler Avenue in the Northcenter neighborhood — where they allegedly fired a bullet into the floor — and one was in the 900 block of West Sheridan Road on the northern edge of the Lakeview neighborhood.

Smith and Parker allegedly kicked in the doors of both homes and struck victims in the head with a gun before robbing them of valuables, the release said.

Smith, of South Bend, Ind., was charged with six counts of home invasion and one count of aggravated discharge of a firearm, the release said. Parker, of the 5500 block of South Aberdeen Street, was charged with three counts of home invasion.

Both were scheduled to appear in bond court later Monday.

Victims injured in the home invasions were treated for lacerations at area hospitals and have been released as of early Monday, the release said.

  • Friend of Eddie Coyle

    Life is hard. But it’s harder when you’re stupid.

  • dan

    I use these mug shots to teach my kids that if you see someone that looks like this walking up to the house a) Never answer the door and B) Call 911 to report a hood in the hood

    Sorry but if you look at the mug shots in the news there is a pattern that can be identified by profiling.

    it’s funny but you just don’t see well groomed nicely dressed black kids with normal names in the picture. It’s always these freakesoid looking dumb azzes that look the part

    • Me

      That’s what I say….

  • dread

    Must feel pretty good to be a gansta… Our permissive society continually allows these thugs to roam free after a short paid vacation. Jail to them is a family reunion. Career criminals need a fitting punishment. But what punishment could be worse than than the life they already lead? What could deter these youths from the gangsta lifestyle? If violent repeat offenders got a third-strike death penalty then maybe they’d take notice. Or maybe we need to cut off their hands. That would send a message. Law abiding citizens need to find some way to fight this problem because it’s only getting worse. And it’s coming to your neighborhood if it isn’t there already.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Smith and Parker meet Smith and Wesson

  • Bill S.

    Come on! Leave these guys alone … (with Hulk Hogan for five minutes).

  • seen this too much

    These two idiots don’t look smart enough to spell their name let alone use an iPhone!

  • D Scott

    Their mommas be proud.

    • Latrice Traylor

      yu shouldnt say that because, maybe its not there parents. its the one that make decsion on there own. everybody is responble for there own actions.thats just if ur chid go kill somebody. yu wouldnt like if someone say yu proud. yu wouldnt like that because yu know yu raised your child better. but yu cnt help what they choose to get into

  • Anglo-Saxon

    Well look what we have here. Two notorious black ass monkey gangsters! Token negros from the Afro-American community! Of course, we will see Lyndia defending them and their criminal activity like she always does. Buckwheat and Huckleberry, That’s hilarious! HaHaHaHaHa!!!!!.!!!!

    • Bill S.

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      • Bill S.

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    • Lyndia

      You are lying. I do not defend anyone that is involved in any criminal activity. I resent the fact that when a white person does the same thing, I do not see you calling them white ass monkey gangster or what they and you are: blue eyed devils.

  • snickers

    and the beauty of it all is that soon their teachers will be getting no raise or fired for their dumb azzes not making any “growth” in skool.

  • concern citizen

    it seems all the robbers and thugs are coming fron the soutside.just wondering.
    hope both gets more 14 years in jail.go ahead gov.quinn.let’s legalize conceal gun laws.let us good abiding citizens protect ourselves.

  • Doc

    whites commit more hideous crime then anyone…..Double standard???

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