Quick-Thinking Young Friends Save Boy From Icy Pond

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (CBS) — Two young friends jumped into action when a child chasing a football fell through the ice on a frozen pond.

The child suffered hypothermia but he’s grateful to be alive, CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

Trevon Johnson was playing catch with friends at his apartment complex in unincorporated Arlington Heights on Sunday. His football landed on an ice-covered pond, where a “No Trespassing” sign is posted.

The 10-year-old stepped on the ice to get the football and fell right through it.

“I almost drowned. I couldn’t move because of the ice,” he said.  “I was screaming out of my mind.”

While one of Trevon’s friend’s called 9-1-1, friends Sharissa Catlin and Joseph Flores sprang into action. Catlin broke the ice with a stick, and Flores went in to the water.

“’I was like, ‘Trevon, grab my hand,’ and he grabbed my hand and I carried him out the water,’” Joseph says. “I saved him because if that was me, I’d want help, too. It’s a blessing for both of us.”

Trevon’s mother, Tywana Johnson, is grateful.

“He just pulled his shoes off and just jumped in the water to get him and pulled him to the side and had someone call 9-1-1. I’m very thankful for the guy that did that for him,” she says.

Arlington Heights Fire Department Lt. Andrew Larson says Trevon got an early Christmas gift.

“He’s very lucky,” he said.

Larson says it’s never encouraged to have multiple people go into the water to attempt a rescue. The result could be even more victims and a rescue delay.

Meantime, Trevon’s mother says he will be getting swimming lessons.

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  • Jim hamilton

    Maybe now he will learn to obey the NO TRESPASSING signs. Hey perhaps this could be the scientific break through for a new training program.

    • Roberta Waker

      Now the mother wants Trevon to get swimming lessons. Does she think swimming lessons would help in freezing water? Maybe she should teach him to obey signs instead. Right on, Jim.

      • silly2

        Come on, we’ve all done impulsive stupid things. He’s only 10! I’m glad of this happy ending.

      • mckfish

        I’m with you silly2, of course he should have looked for an and obeyed the signs and the other boy shouldn’t have gone in after him, but so glad the story turned out this way. Lesson learned.

  • esmeralda

    U know kids are kids we were all kids at one point, and mistakes happen, how is someone suppose to read signs when it was an accident he fell into the water. yeah maybe the other boy shouldn’t have gone in after him, but in a situation like that your not going to think before you act, your not gonna let someone die if you think you can help. That was my son that saved that little boy and i’m proud of him cause I ‘m a single mom with 6 boys and that shows me that i’m doing something right as a parent. We always try to help others that’s who we are.

    • Jaye

      I’m very proud of your son and I’m glad that everything turned out fine. Happy Holidays to you & yours.

  • maryb

    geez people give the kids a break! i’d be very proud If my son SAVED ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE! those commenting must have PERFECT KIDS – 10 YR. OLDS NEVER DOING ANYTHING WRONG – NOT!…..LIKELY SOMEONE WITHOUT KIDS OR CLUELESS….

    thankful to the young heros

  • PattyC

    Those previous comments made were not “perfect kids” but adults who have forgotten what it is like to be a kid! Oh and I am sure they never made a mistake? Hoorah for kids who CARE about others! Hoorah for kids who try to help. Don’t you think it is a better news story to read at Christmas time than more about bad politics, losing teams, and weather? Nice to see the world still trains up people to think about others first and NOT THEMSELVES!!

    • Jim Hamilton

      I haven’t forgot anything I would have had my ass beat for violation of no trespassing signs but, My dad would have walked me right up to the sign and read it to me and explain what it ment and why it was there. If the parents didn’t do this as soon as they knew those signes were there then shame on the parents lousey job of parenting. MY DAD WOULD HAVE MADE SURE THAT I KNEW THOSE SIGNES WERE THERE AND I WOULD HAVE MY ASS WUPED DESERVINGLY SO IF I VIOLATED IT PERIOD.
      And my comment still stands and I will say it again: “Maybe now he will learn to obey the NO TRESPASSING signs. Hey perhaps this could be the scientific break through for a new training program.”

  • JoanieMarie

    So glad all turned out ok.

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