Homeless Dog Recovering At Shelter After Being Beaten

CHICAGO (CBS) — A homeless dog named Isis has caught the attention of Chicago dog lovers, after she was beaten over the weekend when her owner moved to a new apartment and left her.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Brandis Friedman reports, the shepherd terrier mix is now in the care of Chicago Animal Care and Control. She was brought in after police found kids beating her with baseball bats and broomsticks in the 600 block of North Drake Avenue in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Brandis Friedman reports

Since her story appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Isis has gained lots of attention.

“You know, it’s always really gratifying to know that when people hear about these things, they really open their hearts,” said Animal Care and Control executive director Cherie Travis.

Over the weekend, Lashon Johnson, 42, and her son Lorenzo, 18, moved into a new apartment where the landlord does not allow pets. So they tried to get Isis to leave them as they moved their belongings by shopping cart to their new home, the Tribune reported Monday.

But of course, the dog followed, and began howling for hours outside the new home, the newspaper reported.

Then at some point, some children showed up just a few doors from the Johnsons’ new home, and began beating the dog, the Tribune reported. The dog left a trail of bloody paw prints as she returned to the Johnsons’ front door, the paper said.

Police were eventually called, and Johnson, 42, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for leaving the dog outside, the Tribune reported.

Because of the police investigation, there is no word on when Isis will be available for adoption.

  • Jim Hamilton

    even as the dogs owners didn’t come to her rescue and left her there alone among the wild savages all the while she was being beatin she stayed loyal to the family and never ran away and never bit her attackers she would have stayed there and gave up her life first.
    I bet this dog makes the Democrats proud because thats what they expect us humans to do lay down and die but don’t hurt the agressor.

  • brandierenae

    It makes me SICK when people look at pets as “just” a dog, or ‘just’ a cat.

    you made COMMITMENT when you initially took them on – they are NOT disposable at whim!! YOU KNEW when you took that new apartment that the new landlord did not accept pets. why not look for a new home for the dog instead of – in effect – evicting her from the only home she’s known?

    would you have taken that home had the landlord not accepted children? No? so why is it different that your family INCLUDES a dog?!?!?!?!

    people like this make me ill.

    • Jim Hamilton


      Your are so right but why weren’t any charges filed against the thugs that were beating this poor animal where is the accountability

      • brandierenae

        I completely agree — there is culpability on both sides. the thing is, I believe they had fled the scene and no one turns anyone in anymore. so, I believe that is the reason.

        that said … the opportunity would not have been there, had she not been abandoned.

        I really wish lived where I could take her. I would move to a place that would accept a dog. HOWEVER … she also deserves a home that can spend tons of time with her & lavish love on her. I can lavish, but I work far too many hours to be fair to her.

        I hope they let us know when she gets a home …I wonder if there any place I can take her a blanket – or maybe contribute to her care? I cant afford much … but I feel so badly for her!!

  • Roberta Waker

    Charges against Isis’ owners should be animal cruelty for abandoning her out in the cold without food or water. The “monsters” that beat her should be arrested, charged with felony animal abuse and their parents held accountable for all bills, fines, etc. If they beat this poor defenseless dog for no reason, imagine what these kids could do to a defenseless child. DCFS should check their home because the violence usually starts there. Charges need to be filed to stop this from happening again. Isis deserves a good, loving forever home and I hope she gets one soon.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Roberta I agree this dog was no wild stray beast it was a domesticated animal bread to have trust in humans i guess the same state that protects is protecting her. I see no justice for this poor dog.

  • Real Justice

    I say put those kids in a room and beat them with sticks until they crawl out bleeding…

    • I Agree

      This is a country of rights… You have the right to treat others the way you want to be treated… And if that may be beating them with sticks, than no one should keep those people from their right to be beaten with sticks as well…

    • Lucy

      I agree! Those kids are sick and should be punished as well. If not now, how about a little Karma and when they go to jail later on they learn about broomsticks and bats.

    • Jenna Renshaw

      My sentiment exactly! When I first heard this story, the first words out of my mouth were “someone needs to beat those kids with a damn baseball bat!” An eye for eye.

  • Gregory

    Savages is right……..

  • Leroy Goldberg

    Such a beautiful dog and it’s life is worth more than any 100 worthless lives of those South Side Savages.

    As happy as it makes me to read about all those shootings on the South Side, I’m happier reading about the well-being of this beautiful dog.

    • NWA

      Leroy Goldberg are you even from Chicago, because you can’t figure out what address is in which neighborhood. 600 N. Drake is on the city’s Westside, Dip!


      • Leroy Goldberg

        I really am not concerned about the neighborhoods NWA. North, South, East or West I just get so much joy from reading about African-Americans killing each other.

        I hope that clarifies things for you.

    • Marilyn Rogers

      I think the owners should be fined severly and spend a few nights in jail. They wouldn’t leave a child behind, why couldn’t they at least call PAWS. They are ignorant and they should be beaten with bats and a broom handle, as well as the savages who attacked the dog. Disgusting.

  • jeri

    if the police caught the kids beating the dog, why didn’t they arrest them for animal cruelty? does anyone know how to follow up on this with those who were actually beating him?

  • jstcnw

    Those kids should be sent to a reform school and given the job of killing coyotes. The 18-year-old should be charged as well as the mother. I’ll bet he doesn’t do EVERYTHING she tells him to. God bless Isis. She is a beautiful dog in every way!

  • malcom

    just imagine what will happen to white people who are caught over there in that part of town,

  • brandierenae

    If it were me … and I was the judge here? I’d make them do community service at a Vet’s office or at a shelter.

    it’s one thing to hit hard times … but most responsible people find homes for their pets, or take them to a shelter.

    I can’t tell you how many pets we acquired growing up. People would dump their animals along the side of the road all the time in the country.

    sometimes I really hate people.

  • Fletchguy

    This breaks my heart. This dog had so much trust in this family and did all she could to follow her family and cried to be next to them even while being beat she cried for help and none came. I say enough is enough these people who beat this dog deserve to be killed. I do not care how old they are all take them into a public place and beat these kids to death with a bat and leave their bodies to be seen with a sign that says ” I was not worthy of life”..No more fines probation slap on a wrist does nothing. We have to change society and its well past time.

  • Rick

    Beat those N!ggers that did it!!!

  • ra

    All of these comments just go to show how low this country has fallen since they stole it from the Native Americans, Pakistan shoulld nuke us all

  • Sairynn Halford

    Get well soon, Isis. Some day you will have the loving home that you truly deserve. May justice be brought upon those who have caused you harm and left you so sad.

  • Ian

    THey ARE SAVAGES — just look at their NAMES! That explains a lot regarding the respect they have other living creatures. I’ll bet the ones who beat the dog with the baseball bats had names like LaShaun, Shaniqua, LeTuan.

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