Walter’s Perspective: Watching Presidential Candidates Is Torture

CHICAGO (CBS) — For me on TV the past few days, there’s been only one thing more painful to watch than the Chicago Bears and that’s the Republican candidates for president crowing about how different they are.

They’re all the same, like broken records – “I believe in creating jobs, helping the middle class,” “I believe in protecting our borders, and making America strong” – so much the same stuff, it’s hard to remember who’s who except for the dumb stuff.

Like Michelle Bachmann believing carbon monoxide is not dangerous, or Rick Perry believing that Solyndra’s not a company but a country, or Mitt Romney’s $10,000 dollar bet, or Newt Gringrich’s $500,000 jewelry bill.

There’s different dumb stuff and some different bad stuff too, like President Barack Obama spending $1 billion on his campaign.

Watching the Chicago Bears, I want to cry. Watching the presidential candidates, I want to smack ‘em.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Walter you left out the worst part of all and thats us having hear about it from you. Go get us some real news.

  • Zaphod

    For the love of God Skippy..

    • Jim Hamilton

      I think he was babbling about this same stuff when i was kid

  • Micheal Savage

    And Walter what do you have to say about Obama and his clan,He and them are perfect right Walter,now go back to playing with your obama doll.

  • franklin808

    Walter, Obama needs to spend $1 billion on his campaign because others in the media are going after him. He is not doing dumb stuff like the GOP candidates are.

    • LOTD

      WHO in the media is going after him???? NAME ONE organization, other than Fox news, that is going after him!!!!! You are a stupid liberal @ ss hole, and every post you make just screams that FACT!!!

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