NW Indiana Food Bank Struggling To Feed The Hungry

GARY, Ind. (CBS) — The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana is struggling with a supply and demand problem as it tries to deal with the 100,000 people who go hungry every day in Lake and Porter Counties.

WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports on some good news and bad news at the food bank’s headquarters, based in some barns in Gary, Ind.

The food bank’s executive director, Angie Williams, said donations are up, but so is demand.

“Our donations are up about 24 percent this year, compared to last year, so it’s good news,” she said. “The only sad thing is it’s still not keeping up with what the true need is.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

“Hunger can affect anyone, not just the stereotypes that we sometimes have in our heads,” Williams added.

On Wednesday, a truck from Aunt Millie’s Bakery showed up to deliver a donation of 3,600 loaves of fresh bread.

Victor Ortiz, operations manager for the food bank, said, “it’s a beautiful thing when a truck rolls up, but there’s times that there’s not a truck that rolls up.”

Williams said the real season of need is yet to come.

“I think we kind of take our holiday cap off and say ‘Okay, Christmas is over, you know, check it off. But then those families are still struggling to get food on the table,” she said.

You can donate to the food bank through their website, by clicking here.

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  • Jim Hamilton

    The lazy and illegal from the Cesspool are a drain on everyone. it’s a perfest Democrat society.

  • Mimi M

    That’s a funny stereotypical comment. National news reports of people who never thought they would be asking for food at a food bank, are now doing so. They are Anglo, white collar workers who lost their jobs, lost their health insurance so if they get sick they have to pay for prescriptions at full price, still have to pay all the bills like utilities , car maintenance, property taxes,etc .They are about lose their homes because they can’t aford it anymore. None of them are ILLEGAL or LAZY….just suffering like millions of others what is now the global economy.

  • Jim Hamilton

    @Mimi M

    walmart is hiring isn’t it! how about MckyD’s Oh they are to proud to go to work for them? If they lost their job get off their assez and go find another one if you don’t find it in the Cesspool where you live then relocate to a place where there is work and there is work. Stop using the economy as an excuse, go to work like the billions. Stop being a drain on society, First thing is get rid of the company back breakers called UNIONS! I worked for a union for about 8 years and I watched it destroy the company from within. I never saw so much laziness in my life when they would actually show up to work that is, and when the companies fire the lazybums the unions get there job back for them with pay, and those of us who did show up had to do their work and our own with no replacement for them because the union was protecting their job for them, breaking my back working for them and I was a dues paying member too needless to say that that company is out of existence today but I went on to find work else ware I didn’t sit around trying to suck up welfare. They lost their job so what! so move on get over it! GO TO WORK!

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