Spiegel: Cowley Stirs The Pot Again

By Matt Spiegel-

(CBS) Joe Cowley is upset that the circus is gone.

He would very much like you to believe that the circus is not gone. He loves the circus… the peanuts, the manager shot out of a cannon, the general manager walking on a wire… the whole thing.

The GM got off the wire, helped the manager load up the canon for one final shot down to Florida, and tried his best to take down the big top once and for all.

Joe is distraught. Joe stands in the field where the circus once stood and screams at the heavens, hoping for someone, anyone, perhaps P.T. Reinsdorf himself, to put it back up.

You see, the team is probably going to regress, definitely going to be cheaper, and is entering a dangerously public, awkward rebuilding phase.

There needs to be the circus at least! If not that, than no one will care about the subject Joe knows the best!

So he digs this story up, and stirs the pot.

Now, the point is, do you miss the circus? Do you want the circus?

Don Cooper and Jake Peavy are pissed at each other? Makes sense. Peavy is a serious underachiever who has put Coop and Kenny in an awful light, making that contract gamble look terrible, and making their continued optimism look delusional. If there’s any part of Jake blaming that infamous relief appearance on anyone other than himself, that’s downright shameful. He told Ozzie he was available, and begged for “one more inning” that day at least twice. Peavy was great that day, and afterwards he was so proud. Any fallout from that lies with him. He’s a bulldog to a fault, as I’ve described him as such since he got here.

Don Cooper has a survival agenda. Joe Cowley has made that point before, and it makes sense. Well, he survived. Now he’s there and he’s those pitchers’ boss. So deal with it. And everyone agrees that Coop, though maybe a pain in the ass, is damn good at his job.

So, you got a problem with him, pitchers? Tell him. Everyone is an adult, right? Tell him yourself, ”unnamed pitcher source,” and move on. Tom Brady and his offensive coordinator screamed at each other on the field last weekend, making an entire media nation stand up and say “it’s just how it happens on a team…people get excited.” No big deal.

Neither is this.

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  • Lindsay S

    Spiegs, You have nailed it!! Crowley needs to just move to FLA and cover Ozzie. He is now useless in Chicago. Todays article proves that, it’s December and he is writing about something no one cares about. I emailed Crowley predicting he would be writing useless information about Ozzie or Kenny in December. He never emailed be back, (never expected him to) I was right. He thinks if he writes like Jay Mariotti people will start hating him and read him more. I DID NOT read the article so it was great to read yours. Keep calling him, Mac and Bernstein out the listeners love it!!

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    I have a growing crush on you Meatpants! Seriously! Thanks for calling out that coward Cowley. You have shown the guts that few others in the Chicago media have to call this hack out. He constantly tries to stir the pot with so-so plot lines, never remembering to let the facts write the story, not the story creating the facts.

    Remember, Cowardly Joe is the same @ssclown that declared that steroid freaks belong in MLB’s HOF and that Chicago is now a White Sox town.

    You’re an @sshat Cowley! Take your lacking talent to South Beach and replant your nose up that insufferable Ozzie Guillen’s fanny.

    Never before have I felt so sympathetic for White Sox Nation- and I am a life-long Cubs fan! I wish for all Sox fans that this no-talent hack gets hit by a bus.

  • Peter Will Burst

    I just submitted a comment and it wasn’t displayed???

  • Peter Will Burst

    spiegs is the greatest guy ever oh my god what a swell guy

  • Peter Will Burst

    I guess you only display comments you want to. F u guys.

    • Spiegs

      I have no control over what comments make it or not, and fully expect comments disagreeing or calling me out. Maybe your language was flagged?

      • Peter Will Burst

        I thought about it and since i didn’t use bad language it must have been a reference to language that slipped on air during Jay’s show, a certain word that wasn’t bleeped. And I just realized that this means that the comments are being read as they are typed which is creeping me out a little.

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  • Dan's EGO

    Spiegs thanks for your voice…keep calling out the arrogance that is Dan Bernstein!

  • Big forehead DAN!

    Spiegs thanks for your voice…keep calling out the arrogance that is Bernstein!

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