Bikini-Clad PETA Protesters Take Their Message To Mag Mile

CHICAGO (CBS) — Two demonstrators for PETA –People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals–took a minimalist approach to protesting the purchase and wearing of fur.

The temperature was in the low-40s when Tracy Patton and Crystal McCahill stripped down to their bikinis at Michigan and Huron – near a fur store – to protest fur.

And they had no trouble attracting a crowd. Especially men who asked to have their picture taken with the goose-bumped duo.

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“Come on over!”

“I’m very impressed with what you’re doing,” said the male passerby.

“Aw, thank you,” said Patton. “You can visit for more information.”

“I will,” he promised.

Greg Henderson of Chicago was walking past.

“I’m all for it. I’ve got no complaints.”

But Norma Jordan doesn’t quite agree – walking past in her fur boots.

“I love my boots,” she said. “I also have several fur coats. And I love my fur coats.”

The bikini-clad PETA demonstrators were outside for an hour – taking one break in a nearby building.

  • Jim Hamilton

    I feel sorry for these 2 girls, this is pethetic makes me want to run down to the fur shop and buy a fur

    • Josh D.

      You feel sorry for them because they’re sticking up for abused animals who have no voice? I feel sorry for you because you have no heart.

      • Jim Hamilton

        Abused? How do you know they are abused animals my family has trapped and hunted for years Boom Dead no abuse just clean the animal same as anyother game

      • mg

        “Why don’t I hunt? I could allude to the fruits of exhaustive research into the ecological and biological consequences of hunting, and to collective insights of biologists, ecologists, and naturalists who challenge the prevailing wildlife-management dogma. Yet, fundamentally, the answer can be expressed in simple moral terms: Hunting is wrong, and should be acknowledged to be so not only by those who espouse the strict precepts of the animal-rights credo, but by those who hold a common sense of decency, respect, and justice. When we have exposed the specious reasoning of the hunters’ apologists and stripped their sport of its counterfeit legitimacy, the naked brutality of hunting defines itself: killing for the fun of it.”–Steve Ruggeri

      • Jim Hamilton

        mg You talk to much and say absolutely nothing the seasons have been opened longer and more range of seasons available especialy for deer because it is statisticaly proven that number of deer auto accidents increase with the populations of the animal so your mouth runs for you but statistics talk for me and yeah I enjoy eating what i kill. I love meat, I love it in stew, roasted, fried, grilled, smoked you name it I love to eat meat and you will never stop people from eating meat so stop trying to control what everyone else does and just worry about your self. If you go in to the woods durring season you better have on orange it’s dangerous and it’s the law you have to do it you better obey the laws they are there to protect you.

  • Larry Schaibley

    With all the starving humans we have in this crazy mixed-up world, they decide that protesting in front of a fur store is more important. Save the starving humans first, then you can protect the animals.

    • mg

      “I am sometimes asked ‘Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?’ I answer: ‘I am working at the roots.’”—George T.Angell

      • OLD VET

        AM I WRONG ??

      • Jim Hamilton

        RLMAO OLD VET You just hit my funny bone with a 10 gigaton nuke. I read that and laugh so loud my 3 year old even laugh when I explaned it to him “PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS” I gotta borrow that from you thats just to funny

      • glenbo

        You’re good at repeating someone else’s thoughts. You have none of your own. Any moron can say what another has already said. You are mindless.

  • Pat Frederickson

    Norma Jordan is a horrible person.

    • Hamburglar

      I agree. Anyone have a bucket of red paint?

  • Pat Frederickson

    It IS important. The ways in which people treat animals — breeding them or capturing them for the purpose of removing their skin, often before the animal is dead!–are reflected in how those people relate to and treat other humans.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Pat you’re an idiot you don’t even deserve my time

  • yea right

    Id like to take the girls out for a steak dinner. No maybe ill have the lamb chops instead. Hey burglar “tough guy” you throw paint on me and you wouldnt have to worry about eating meat for a while. Youd have nothing to chew with.Why dont these girls go stand outside a womans abuse shelter where it would do some good.

  • Jim Hamilton

    It’s always the same old story protect the animals please and then when the population gets out of control the same people seem to have a change of heart especially when the animals start causing auto accidents killing mom and or dad and little brother or sister. Then we start to think differently, see it al the time. Yes its not pretty but one of those things that we as civilized people have to understand

  • the rapture

    long live polyester…
    stop killing the creatures of the world..
    they deserve to live in harmony with us…

    would have gotten more attention in January…

  • I See Early Morning Dew Drops

    I would like to see the fur-burgers, please remove the naughty little bikini.

  • Jimbo

    Their sign reads ” Only animals should wear fur”…Aren’t humans animals as well?…just saying…



    • Kate

      I’ve never been moved to comment before, but Old Vet…your statement is great. Unfortunately, no one will ever get through to these nutcases. I remember when Pam Anderson was crying foul about animal abuse WHILE WEARING a pair of animal skin Ugg boots! Look it up…hilarious!! Thanks, Old Vet, for the reality check.

  • Jim Hamilton

    I would love to see one of these idiots walk up and live in harmony with a 6 foot grizzly

    • Jim Hamilton

      IDIOTS REFERING TO THE R E T A R D S joshD, mg Pat, Fredrickson and Hambuglar they can’t bring a valid dispute to the table for discusion here. If these clowns are all the animals have speaking for them the animals are already doomed

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