Daley Named To Coca-Cola’s Board Of Directors

CHICAGO (CBS) — Former Mayor Richard M. Daley has been elected to the board of directors for The Coca-Cola Company.

“Mr. Daley brings significant public policy expertise and experience in creating sustainable growth opportunities for businesses and communities to our Company,” said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola, said in a prepared statement. “His experience and insights will be invaluable as we continue to work to grow our business and invest in the fabric of the communities we serve.”

Daley, 69, has been serving as of counsel at the Katten Muchin Rosenman law firm since shortly after he retired as mayor in May.

He’s also managing principal of Tur Partners LLC, an investment firm that “helps its partners achieve strategic objectives by mobilizing global leaders and resources toward sustainable solutions within the urban environment,” according to the company’s website.

  • Jim Hamilton

    now I can boycot The Coca-Cola Company

  • tom sharp

    I wonder if he’ll recommend selling off the trademark rights like he did the Chicago Parking meters! What a business expert they found!!

    • Jim Hamilton

      RLOFMOA with tom I can’t wait to see the results of this

  • Jim Hamilton

    he’s not just town jerk anymore now he’s a soda jerk

  • Craig

    What an excellent choice! Good job, Coca-Cola. I think I’ll stop later and pick up a case.

  • Judy

    Why doesn’t he ( Daley ) give that job to some one who really needs it. He has enough money that he has ripped off from the people in Chicago. Hey Daley why don’t you stay home and find a different hobby instead of ripping off people. Coca-Cola I’m shocked, this will for sure make me go back to Pepsi!!!!

    • Jim Hamilton

      I worked for a corporation and one week we all seen LLC on our checks after the companies name. The company filed Bankruptsy in less than 6 months after that

  • Just Axin

    What an f-in joke! Ok, Daley, spell “Coca-Cola”……sorry, incorrect. I hope one of your brother’s gets cancer next.

  • ak

    I’ll short sell Coca-Cola stock first thing in the morning.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Oh shiit you’re right! I forgot about that

    • Miguel Rivera

      That what I thought. A short recommendation.

  • Cola man

    Free coca cola for all residents in the the city of Chicago now.

    • JIm Hamilton

      Do you think they will let poor Blago have some free Coke sense hes going to rehab

      • Cola man

        You bet, but only New Coke!

      • Jim Hamilton

        You mean he may be sharing his crack soon lol

  • Armando

    I am officialy boycotting Coca Cola Co. When you hire a BIG CROOK how can I buy your product Here I come Pepsi!!!!!

  • CHivi

    So Coca-Cola hires criminals. Soon to come!! no more Coca-Cola for us!!

  • Micheal Savage

    I will tell you Maggie was not a upfront woman like they tell you she was,what a crooked family and yet the media and people put them on a high horse,how pathetic.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Indeed Micheal she knew what a crook he is and she loved every dollar of it

      • Armando

        She was no Saint like everyone tried to make her out to be she is in a very hot place right now!!!!!

  • Larry Horse's Arse Horse's Arse

    Best comment so far is the “soda jerk” comment. That has me in stitches.

    Savage, I don’t know if you’re correct about Maggie. The media really did portray her as nothing but nice and brave. Who knows who the real Maggie was outside of those who knew her.

    Anyway, Daley getting this position is sickening. Same goes to the Katten thing and the investment thing. Daley and investments? Funny!

    Lastly, it won’t be free Coke for all Chicagoans. It will be free Coke for Daley’s buddies.


  • family of pepsi cola drinkers

    don’t like and drink any coca-cola products.PEPSI TASTE BETTER.GO PEPSI GO PEPSI.

  • Just Axin

    Good, maybe that triple chinned fck can afford his own security.

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