(CBS) Lovie Smith said Thursday he was shocked by the news that wide receiver Sam Hurd had been arrested on federal drug charges, but he doesn’t think any of his other players will be connected to the allegations.

“I am in shock over it,” the Bears head coach said. “Never saw it coming. My dealings with Sam here as most of you would probably say the same has all been good. He’s a guy that showed up every day to go to work.”

A law enforcement source told 670 The Score’s Laurence Holmes Thursday that Hurd was dealing drugs to other NFL players and that police have a list of players “in the double digits.”

Smith doesn’t believe any of his players are connected though.

“No, I think you guys know most of our players around here,” Smith said. “Just like in every part of society, these things happen. Sometimes they come up unexpectedly. You never thought it would happen but it does with people that you don’t think. With our group, I am surprised right now, it really would be shocking and I just know that no one else would be involved.”

Of course, Smith also said he was “shocked” by Hurd’s arrest.

The wide receiver is still a member of the Bears, but the team is likely finding the best way to legally waive him. The could seek a return of some of the $1.35 signing bonus they gave him in July.

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