Milk Spiked With Alcohol Could Get Girl Expelled

GLEN ELLYN, Ill. (CBS) — A junior high school student from Glen Ellyn is suspended, and could be expelled, after bringing chocolate milk spiked with alcohol to school.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the 13-year-old girl made headlines this week for bringing chocolate milk mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream with her to Hadley Junior High School, at 240 Hawthorne Blvd. in Glen Ellyn.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

The principal, Chris Dransoff, tells the Daily Herald the girl didn’t seem too concerned about being caught, “like it was kind of funny.”

Dransoff tells the newspaper the girl shared her chocolate milk in class with several classmates on Friday, Dec. 4, and one of them said it tasted “funny” and told the teacher.

The minimum penalty for alcohol possession by students in Glen Ellyn School District 41 is suspension, the maximum is a 10-day suspension with a recommendation of expulsion, the Daily Herald reported.

The girl’s parents have not been charged or cited, but police reports say an officer communicated with the girl and her parents about the legal consequences of her actions.

Police previously said no students appeared to be drunk after consuming the spiked milk.

  • zatso

    Well, no doubt this starts at home.

    Thirteen years old shoud definetly have the girl knowing right from wrong.

    Good luck to the parents for this maybe once in a lifetime event.



  • Easy Does It

    No no no no! Expulsion is way out of line for something so petty. I figured maybe a three day suspension at school and maybe a couple weeks being grounded at home is more than sufficient. People need to lighten up, there was no harm done. It’s kind of funny if you really think about it.

  • Concerned

    She introduced an alcoholic beverage into a place of learning.
    She should be expelled and banned from all public schools.

    • Easy Does It

      She made a mistake. She is only thirteen. To destroy her in that way is major overkill. Yes, I think a three day suspension would be appropriate along with a stern talking to. Damn, you people are brutal. She’s just a young girl, lighten up for crying out loud!!!

      • Lyndia

        How long have you been reading the blogs on the site? Yesterday? The people that blog here, are hard hearted Hannah’s. They like blood and they like to kick a person, regardless of the age, when they are down. Most of the people that read and post on this site are PERFECT.

      • the rapture

        so – she is thirteen – does it make it right – does it make it excusable – alcohol can kill – tell the lush parents to send her to private school

        she tried to destroy other by having them drink ‘poison’ – so guess what – she is evil and we are not brutal

        by the way – a thirteen year old can kill – just ask anyone who lost a family member or friend to gang violence

      • Concerned

        She should of thought about that before bringing booze into an institution for learning.These bad apples need to have an example mad of them. Let the good students have access to schools and get rid of the bad ones and let them find their way into jail where they belong!

      • Easy Does It

        @Concerned, How do you know the girl isn’t a good student who made a small mistake? I agree that bad apples like kids who bring weapons to school. get in fights, rob other students, deal drugs, or are involved in ANY gang activity whatsoever, should be expelled. But a sweet little thirteen year old girl who made a little mistake should get a second chance. What she did was so petty, I can’t believe you would ruin her over it. If your kid made a minor mistake like this, would you call for expellsion?

      • Concerned

        @ Easy

        First off she wasn’t sweet, she brought alcohol into a school.
        Second of all its apparent you dont have children.
        She should of been arrested and expelled, and her parents fined for allowing their child to drink. Shame on you for being soft on crime.

      • Easy Does It

        Come on now Concerned, do you really believe her parents had any idea that she was drinking? I think not. Expellsion is too harsh for something so petty. It was only meant to be a joke. And yes, most thirteen year old girls are inherantly sweet.

    • Tyler

      LOL…A place of LEARNING??? Hell..You may as well boycott all colleges and high schools..not to mention some places of business. lol

  • the rapture

    @ easy does it – this time – bailey’s

    next time – date rape drug

    time after that – ???

    expulsion is the only answer – if the lush parents have the money for booze – then they have the money to send her to private school

    I’m praying you don’t have kids either

  • Armando

    oh Stop you bleeding hearts she did something wrong & a pat on the wrist isn’t good enough she should be exspelled she knows right from wrong. That is why this country is going to hell no one will own up for what they have done

  • zatso


    YOU, have the girl being evil, a potential killer, and yourself off center.

    Rein in your emotions and let common sense shine on you.

    Have a nice Holiday, and by the way, CHEERS!.




  • Zombie Amy Winehouse


    She shouldda’ used vodka. It’s harder to smell than Baileys. And maybe just putting it into a water bottle instead of chocolate milk. Maybe some bourbon if she really wants the chocolate milk. (HIC!)

    I’m gonna (HIC!) go back to partying with Mike from Milwaukee (HIC!)

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