Parents Want Mayor To Halt School Closures, Meet With Them First

CHICAGO (CBS) — Parents of Chicago Public Schools students gathered outside Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office Monday to demand he hold off on plans to close or overhaul several public schools and meet with them.

WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports that parents from the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization said four of their schools would be affected by the Board of Education’s school action plan for next year.

Spokesman Shannon Bennett called for a meeting with the mayor to discuss the group’s ideas for transforming under-performing schools.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

The protesters said their plans would cost less than the Emanuel administration’s current plans.

The school district plans to shutter five under-performing schools, phase out two others and “turn around” 10 other schools by replacing the entire school staff, but keeping students at the schools.

“We’ve met with [Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude] Brizard. We have been very, very unhappy with the response,” Bennett said. “He’s been given our plan. He’s met with these parents and stared them in the face and told them that he will respond. What he’s continued to do is give you these sound bites as if these are the failing schools. … That is incorrect.”

Parents and other activists said the ideas that Brizard employs have been failing them for decades.

  • Brishauwna

    That’s hilarious. Do these people really think they have any relevance in the decision making process? Just look at the picture. Would anyone give them the time of day? I think not.

  • RealityConfuses

    Did these parents bring their check books with them? They look like someone else is paying for what they want!

  • Curious

    I wonder how many of the people doing the complainig contribute zero in tax dollars into the system.

  • Jennie

    Curious, anytime you buy ANYTHING you pay a tax. Why do you people think that you are the only people that pay taxes? I fault the parents for putting their children in public schools, especially FAILING public schools.There is a school on the southside that has the capacity for 3,000 students but it only has 250-300 students, with an act score of 15-17, a principal that is the pits and a failing curriculum. The school is failing and should be closed but it isn’t. You know why? THE PRINCIPAL HAS CLOUT.

    • Jim Hamilton

      Liar food stamps are not taxed

    • Brishauwna

      @Jennie, I’ll bet the people in the above picture pay $0 in payroll tax each year. You have to work to do that!!


    None of you must have children because if you did PARENTS AND TEACHERS know whats best for THEIR children…No one has to pay people for them to realize racism. Nobody puts their child in a school knowing its failing and all of those schools that are failing where once GREAT neighborhood schools. The question that none of you are asking is HOW did they get that way and WHY it only happens in black and brown neighborhoods. FYI the people are singing as they did in the 50’s and 60’s. Instead of downing them bring your a** off your high horse and a. see what they are angry about and b. find out if what is being said is true.

  • Quality Info

    When African American stick together for better education they are talk down upon; yet when job cut’s hit all race then you will be in line with the parents who are fighting for a better education and more qualified teachers when this happen to non-black’s. I clearly see you haven’t been taught to research because the negative feeback is incoherent. While the positive is clearly wanting the best for all children regardless of race; yet at this time this is regarding minority children so I say keep letting the children see you fight for the American Dream Of Equality!

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