Walter’s Perspective: Get Me Away From Obama Campaign Fundraisers

CHICAGO (CBS) — I’m going home tonight to pack my bag for a few days out of the office, off my computer, out of the reach of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama and their fundraisers – their voracious, ravenous, gluttonous fundraisers asking for money, reaching for $1 billion in campaign cash.

Every day on my computer, sometimes many time a day, the Obama campaign is trying to sell Obama calendars or sweatshirts or wine glasses. Give us money – $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 – by credit card.

“Walter, enter our contest. Give $3. Donate $5 for a chance to join me for dinner. Maybe I’ll get to thank you in person, Barack.”

“Hope to see you soon, Michelle.”

Okay, okay, I surrender. Okay, I’ll send you $10, or $50 or $100. Anything, but please don’t follow me out of the office. Please, leave me alone.

  • T Beaulieu

    You hitting the bottle again Walter?

  • Afro

    Walter you make me sick, I hope you go away for a few days and don’t come back but if you should go off and die I hope you do it before you write that check to the obama camp and you know how I feel about him N. I can’t believe that so many people put a political party above whats truely best for the Country

  • Michael Murphy

    Defeat Obama in 2012. He is no good.

  • zatso

    Down with Hucksterism.

    Remember Walter, a small glass of warm milk before you go to bed..


  • Yard Ape

    Stop talking sh!t Jacobski ke!!! We ALL know what side you stand on !!!

    NObama !!!

  • Garcia

    The only thing wrong with this perspective is that it failed to mention the rest of our governments ROTTEN Politicians asking for money while the country is still in a rescission! I didn’t realize that “Yes We Can” really meant “Yes We Can Donate”!!!

  • Lumunba4ever

    I got called and asked to donate $300! I said sorry not this time around. I was fooled once and I refuse to be duped again. I am not worried the rich will donate millions to his campaign. These are his people the ones he bailed out, the ones he does political favors for and the ones who really pull his puppet strings.
    Cannot and will not support someone who seems to boast about how many people he has killed lately. Osama, Al Awalaki and his teen son, Qaddafi, 24 police in Pakistan, Black Libyans being lynched and tortured in the newly liberated Libya with the help of NATO. How’s that Nobel Peace prize working for you Mr President?

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