Bears Seek To ‘Take A Stand’ Against Green Bay

CHICAGO (CBS) — The struggling Bears say they have to “take a stand” against the Green Bay Packers when they head up to Wisconsin on Christmas Day.

“Green Bay is our rival, but lately, we haven’t been holding up our end of the deal. It’s kind of simple as that,” said Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith. They’ve dominated the rivalry here lately, and we have to take a stand. A great ball club – whenever you go that many games without losing, you’re saying a lot about what type of football you’re playing.”

The Packers are 13-1 this season. But the Bears have gone 0-4 since quarterback Jay Cutler had to leave with a broken thumb.

The Bears announced earlier this week that Josh McCown will start as quarterback against the Packers Sunday night, rather than the struggling Caleb Hanie.

McCown signed with the Bears after the injury. He hasn’t started a game since 2007 when he was with the Oakland Raiders.

But linebacker Brian Urlacher said the Bears can be competitive against the Packers regardless of the teams’ respective records.

“There have been times when they’ve been terrible and we’ve been good; we beat them. We’ve been good, they’ve been bad, they beat us. It doesn’t really matter; I hope it doesn’t matter this week either. It’s a big game for us going on there on Christmas Day, which will be the main focus of everyone’s game. It should be fun,” Urlacher said.

Linebacker Lance Briggs emphasized that the game is more about the team’s ability to salvage this season than the Bears-Packers rivalry.

“Even though we split during the season last year – they went ahead and won the championship game and went on to win the Super Bowl – I look at it as a big game. It’s a huge game,” Briggs said. We’re driving up to Wisconsin to play our rival, so I think it’s more than just taking a stand in the rivalry. It’s more taking a stand in the season.”

  • Larry Horse's water trough

    Whatever Lovie. I’ll say it now, two days before the game even starts. The Bears lost. I just wish somebody had the guts to call you, Angelo, and the rest of Bear management out for the brain dead morons you are.

    • ohmybears48

      So which coach do you believe could win with Caleb Hanie, Marion Barber, that horrifying O-line, that abjectly awful receiving corps, and a defensive backfield made up of the NFL equivalent of leprechauns?

      • Creighton

        Ummm Todd Haley I guess. Cassel was out, Charles was out, Eric Berry out, they had a offensive line that they have been swapping pieces in and out of all year and has been really bad. Their starting RB was Thomas Jones who is done, their starting Center was Casey Wiegmann who is pushing 40 and is about 280 pounds of suck. So yeah Todd Haley did it, he did it on the road, and he got fired after having a winning season in 2010, making the playoff’s, and winning his division.

      • Palestine Kevin

        Ask Angelo hes the one who put this team together

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Coach Ditka would’da had da fire & da passion!

    Not sure about getting a win, though

  • Cameltoe Rancher

    Lovie and the boys make take a stand in Green Bay. I may have to take a big dump during the game if it gets ugly- all that holiday roughage and fiber- ya know.

    And Larry The Cable Guy- you fat, gravy-sweating, cousin-banging slob! Get off my computer screen!


    It sounds like they’ve got, a thirty man roster.
    Anybody else looking forward to an eighteen game season?
    More Houston in prime time?
    More Baltimore offense?
    More San Francisco defense?
    More Florida football?
    More AFC East?
    More decimated rosters, unpredictable weather, trap games (Packers are in one now), and back ups to back ups?
    Merry Christmas!

    • Creighton

      How are the Packers in a Trap game/ They already won the division, clinched a playoff bearth and at worst will have a tie for the best record in the NFL. What trap?

      • SPAULDING!

        Don’t they need to clinch home field, yet?
        You’re, probably, right.
        If that is the case, the Bears will be tied or in the lead at half time.
        On a cold, Christmas night, all of that could put the Packers in a turkey coma.
        (The Bears have done it, I’d imagine the Packers aren’t adverse to the loss, if it’s meaningless).

  • Creighton

    Umm, GB is 10-0 in conf, and 49ers are 8-2, so yeah it’s tie if the 49 ers win out and the Packers lose the last two. At least to that point, after that I don’t know the next tie break off the top of my head. Strength of schedule goes to the packers. The Packers get Lions at home as well so they don’t actually need the Bears game, or home field if last year is any indication. Besides unless they sit their starters Detroit is not winning that last game, them may not beat the Chargers. I just don’t seethis being a stress game for GB, 49ers get Seattle and that could be a trap game cause they have a lot more on the line because they are trying to catch the Packers.

  • Palestine Kevin

    Uh Lovie unless Josh McCowan suddenly becomes a freak of nature and can hang 30 pints on the packers were not going to win!Or you decided to turn the bear den lose and rough rodgers up and cause him to throw a coupe pick 6 s.Im for beating greenbay but with the injuries we have and no backup quarterback unless jesus christ comes down and suits up in a bears uniform uh were going to get embarresed badly.

  • Palestine Kevin

    i would just like to see the bears blitz every down until they give rodgers a season ending injury and let them see what its like to lose super jay.Not really im just kidding!!!! he he he he.But its a thought! Im going to be there rooting fo the Bears like i always do but i feel like a man going to a gunfight with a squirt gun!Bear down PSSST thePACKERS STILL SUCK!!!!!

  • Palestine Kevin

    Hey we would have a better chance of winning if we would sign Brett Favre and give him the dream matchup he wants its pretty damn sad but seriously Brett Favre is a better quarterback than the bears currently have on the roster with Jay cutler injured.

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