Christmas Brings Thefts Of Baby Jesus Statues, Lawn Decorations

(STMW) — Though the Christmas holiday is getting nearer, vandals and pranksters haven’t displayed a holiday spirit. Communities around Chicago have reported acts of theft and vandalism to Christmas displays recently.

Among the suburbs reporting such incidents recently were Elmwood Park, Lombard and Naperville.

In Elmwood Park, thefts were reported Dec. 15 from the 2200 block of 75th Court and the 2300 block of 75th Avenue, according to police. In the former, someone took Christmas decorations that made up a nativity scene from the front yard of a home, and in the latter someone took two Christmas penguins from the front yard of a home.

On Dec. 17, a theft was reported on 7700 block of Sunset Drive, police said. Sometime on Dec. 15 someone removed a 3-foot-tall illuminated Santa Claus from a fence.

In Buffalo Grove, a resident reported on Dec. 9 that when she and her husband returned home about 7 p.m. on the 1300 block of Gail Drive, they found that someone had taken Christmas decorations from their yard, police said.

In Lombard, on Dec. 17, someone reported to police that someone stole the baby Jesus figure from his yard on the 900 block of South Cherry.

In Naperville, on Dec. 20, someone reported to police that sometime between 5 p.m. the previous evening and 10 a.m. on the 20th, someone took the baby Jesus from their front yard on the 400 block South Sleight Street.

(Source: Sun-Times Media Wire © Chicago Sun-Times 2010. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • Toonces




  • omstrat

    Yea yea 40 years of Democrats in Chi land and ZERO has changed .
    Hey Libs , you guys EVER think of that .40 years of welfare , food stamps 1000 Democrat programs and ZERO has changed..You have destroyed the black family and community.

    • lavon

      How do you know what race the thieves are?

      • sailordude

        You are right, the ones who steal baby Jesus statues are kids and since it’s Chicago, Jewish liberal kids. It was in the movies before, Kevin Bacon stole the Jesus figure and his friends tried to stop him and they all got arrested, in the movie “Diner”. This is done as either a prank or as part of a statement that they are against Christianity. I cannot see black kids stealing something as a prank, thats what bored white kids do.

      • nolie

        Not sure about the race, but I am very sure about the political party, and it starts with a “d”.

      • tell it like it is

        Going out on a limb here…..they are either.

        1. uneducated Caucasians
        2. uneducated African American
        3. Illegal Mexicans.

        Time to man up and face the facts.

      • artemis133

        It’s probably a pretty accurate guess as to what race they are.

      • Edward Boothe

        Odds man

    • lda

      You said it yourself…there are changes. The destruction of the black family and community. Blacks used to have strong families and had FAARRR better relationships with other races. Now it’s dog eat dog in their “communities” and the black “leaders” continue to sell them out to pad their own nests. It’s shameful.

    • Allen Eisley

      I totally agree. This is what the Welfare State of America will bring to all of us eventually. And to think we have one of those Chicago thugs in the White House. Just what might we expect, ya think?

      • NoMarxist

        Now, now.. Obama is the 4th best president in the history of our country, or dd he say in the history of the world.. Hmmm.. Not to mention he’s a legend in his own mind and he makes Chris Matthews tinkle down his leg when he gets excited. Such cute little MSNBC lap dogs.

      • James

        Well you can take the boy out of da hood but you can’t take the hood out of the boy

  • Herman Vogel

    A little Santech, a GPS location fuse and problem solved. You find out who it WAS that took it too…Nuff Said.

  • Rick Evans

    Merry Christmas everyone. btw, our nation is doomed. Get prepared.

    • Me

      Exactly so. As a prior poster said, time to man up and face facts. Americans should prepare to either escape or die where they live, but there is no future.

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  • Rick O'Shea

    Down here in Texas we can use deadly force at night if somebody grabs our baby Jesus.

    • John West

      I love Texas. Wish I lived there.

      • Sammie Jo

        hey, IPstanding, c’mon down and try to steal something off a lawn, we’ll show you what else comes from Texas.
        BTW, that steers & q—-s line is as old as methuselah, at least get some new material if you’re going to try to insult someone.
        To everyone else:
        Texas has the “castle law” look it up, work to get your state to adopt it, crime will go down as soon as the punks find out their victims are armed.

      • i p standing

        two things come from texas,,steers and q,,,,,rs

      • Rick O'Shea

        Come on down, we have room for a few more legal immigrants.

      • all are toothless on a tractor

        Everyone here does. Now hush up!

    • Jerry Allen

      come to my house and take something obomma lover…hey I will put the new Air Jordan’s out to suck your intelligent Chicago dumb a%$ in…lol

      • Uncle O'Remus

        lol, that’s what I was tweeting yesterday, they’ll need these new AirJordan’s to outrun my bullets should they choose my property to steal from or deface. I’m so sick of these third world deadbeats it’s never gonna change until we change it.

        PC has destroyed the globe not to mention this nation, a plot to take America’s wealth and hand it out to the third world and look what a great job it did lifting that ‘world’ out of the perpetual ghetto living they all must crave because they bring it wherever they migrate and emigrate to.

    • Jason Mika

      So respecting other peoples’s property is considered uninspiring and the act of the slow of mind ??? . Do me a favor, when you see your mother, slap her in the face for raising a child who only cares about himself I’d ask you to kick your father in the balls for the same thing, but we all know you have no clue who your father is. God Bless Dem-wit and if you’d like to inspire us all w/ gifts from your own place maybe you should post your address , I’m sure Santa would love to come over and straighten you right out

    • John Bender

      up in Illinois you are sissy pansy candy ass progressive ferries. Slow I think you morons in Illinois morons speak for them selves you still buy into the BS propaganda fed to you by mass media. All fully programed into slavery, readily accepting your rights being removed, and have been trained to beg for big governemnt to hold your hand. Your dumb ass think the fascist governemnt is some how special and better than you so you wait in bated breathe for their commands, maybe in your case they are right. PC progressive coward slaves sissies like you make real americans and real men sick .

      • Spanky

        It’s really Cook County that is the problem.

        In the 2008 election, all the other counties in IL voted for McCain/Palin by a margin of 300,000 votes. However, Cook county delivered a 700,000 vote margin for the communists.

        Cook County and Chicago are highly corrupt and have been under Democrat control since at least the 1930s.

        Most of those of us in the rest of Illinois would like to get rid of Cook County but we’re stuck.

      • desoeradi49

        As we in Kalifornia would like to get rid of the SF/LA vote. We would be a total red state if that happened; Boxer and DiFi and Waxman would be toast.

      • Susan Gate

        Yup… CA the armpit of the nation, after IL of course.

      • CA is the Anus of the USSA

        Hell no Susan Gate – CA is the undisputed Illegal Immigrant Capitol and thus the Anus of Amerika. Illegals in CA have the full financial backing of Gov. Jerry Brown, and the protection of Attorney General Kamaila Harris…

      • Susan Gate

        DEMON crats… strike again. Now if it was a stature of Mahamid… all hello would break loose.

      • Julian Schrock

        I doubt you have ever seen a real man. Johnny boy.

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Ha. Chicago is in Illinois. Civilized? How did the ‘Air Jordans go?

    • Regulas

      Long Live Texas

      • Michael

        I would love to booby trap the manger so as too blow up these animals, small gernade would do just fine….Merry Christmas scub bags….

  • tod schwarze

    obviously, tolerant and ethical antichristians making a point about tolerance and liberty and respect for others, so that all that wonderful tolerance to all infidels found in the koran and old testament and pagans can reign~

  • Doug Rose

    Too bad they don’t take the “Chicago Jesus” !
    That would make my Holiday Joyful !

  • ken johnson

    Would that be a hate crime in my eyes it would!

  • J W Majors Majors

    Their baby Jesus is in the White House,or better the Dark House.

    • Yard Ape

      Exactly!!! It seems “their” @ ss hole poster boy Kevin Chicago posts here!

      Let’s hope that house turns white again with the next election!!!!

    • hey man

      If you mean Obama, he’s in Hawaii. It’s been weeks since he’s returned from Hawaii. And he had only enjoyed two other trips to Hawaii this year prior to those. And it was hard to work all those trips to Hawaii in around those other vacations. Plus he had to be on Oprah. Cut him some slack. Racist.

      • JustLurkin

        He wanted you to have a gun, he told his followers to keep their sword, and if they didn’t have one, sell their cloak and buy one. He didn’t hate the rich, he encouraged them to give to less fortunate. And he gave his all to the less fortunate.

      • kevin

        Yeah, there is definitely a bunch of uninformed racist folk in this thread. I’m nowhere near liberal, but it is pretty funny that the people attacking me are over Christianity and liberalism…you know, the religion with the guy that gave money to the poor, dislikes the rich, more than likely isn’t into guns…but instead want to criticize me for living in an alpha world city.

        happy holidays, everyone. your holiday came from winter solstice.

      • smile

        He did not give money to the poor, He did not hate the rich and He would not care if you had a gun or not. Rich/poor/gun are all worldly concerns, they are literally nothing.

      • Chris in NC

        “you know, the religion with the guy that gave money to the poor, dislikes the rich, more than likely isn’t into guns”

        Wow that’s almost as lacking in Christian knowledge as the people who say “Jesus was homeless”. Dang. Just Lurkin is dead on.

  • great unwashed who mistakenly voted for POTUS from Chicago

    A bit of perspective, in Honduras, unless someone gets shot, an armed robbery goes unrecorded by police (1st hand experience.) In Chicago, the biggest crime of the day is a few missing lawn ornaments? I kinda view the article in a positive light of Chicago.

    • Big Dave

      Good point…. people who look at the US and say “Worst.. country.. eeeeever” regardless of their ideologies haven’t “gotten out” much or at least read much news.

    • James

      Amen to that…

    • lavon

      Are you aware that Lombard and Naperville, IL are suburbs of Chicago and are predominately white = you Idiot!

    • Linda Green

      Sorry but I view that as people attacking others because they can. Because they have no respect for others or they are mad because some have these things and they don’t. Either way if they have them they worked for the money to buy them and pay their electric bills to run them. Some people just can’t stand it if you are not sad and down in the dumps with them. What is happening in America? I really lay this at the feet of the Divider In Cheif. His politics are all wrong. I hope we vote for change this next time in 2012. We need to save ourselves if we can.

  • Eric Rush

    They’re stealin’ Baby Jesus?! They should just nail him down. Problem solved.

  • Larry McClanster

    I like the videos on youtube, showing members of our diverse community engaging in their tribal traditions. You know which ones. The 280lb. she-beast beating down some 90lb child “cause her nuggets was to code”. Or the tri-ots (tribal riots) at the mall for a pair of shoes. Like $200 shoes will make it possible to run away from who they really are and where they live.

    I think I will open a “ghetto boutique” in Rhodeshia. Air Jordans for $20 and a onw way ticket to prove residency. Hey, how about 5 McRibs for a buck?

    • Yard Ape

      BRAVO Larry !!!!! Take a bow !!!!

  • tsiok

    Welcome to the new Somalia.

  • so conflicted

    If they’re stealing baby Jesuses instead of flat screen TVs, does that mean they understand the real meaning of Christmas?

    • John Roberts

      They steal because they think they can sell it for drug money not because they need or want it.

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  • miker5

    Devil worshiping leftists are using the baby Jesus figures for their mock partial-birth abortion ceremonies.

  • Not Surprised

    Just another day of ‘work’ for Obama and his Haters

    • sundeviliniowa

      To “Not Surprised” – that’s all you have to say? You should at least be defending, justifying, appologizing, something! Chicago is very close to being another Detroit. (But that’s the Chicago way).

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  • Jack

    The sick demented liberal politiical, educational, media and social leaders encourage this type of behavior. Just a side efect of the daily attacks on CHRISTIAN values.

  • MichaelH

    As a recent “departee” from Chicago observed, Chicago is the most corrupt city in the most corrupt county in the most corrupt State in the Union. Should we expect any different from the place? Remember the old adage…”Vote early and often for the Democrat of your choice”

  • South

    Typical bunch of worthless N ! G G E R S !!

  • Spanky


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