CHICAGO (CBS) – The lines may have been long in Chicago, but the violence that erupted in some cities over the latest Air Jordans did not occur here.

The push to get the very limited Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords got nasty, even violent, in other areas of the country.

There were fights in North Carolina, a mad, crazy rush through the doors in Indiana and crowd control in Washington state, where suburban Seattle police used pepper spray on about a dozen customers who started brawling over the footwear.

The frenzy over Air Jordans, which cost $180 a pair, isn’t anything new. In the past, people have been mugged, even killed, for early versions of the Nike shoe, in short supply then and now.

“I love my gym shoes, but not that bad,” Janaria Cowley, who wanted a pair, tells CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman. “It ain’t that serious.”

Nike says consumer safety is important to the company.

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