CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago grandmother wants her lost camera back so badly that she has posted signs on Lincoln Avenue in the Northcenter neighborhood, hoping to appeal to the right person’s Christmas spirit.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, the handwritten signs read, “Lost camera. Many precious photos. Please take my camera to Jewel. Please, it’s Christmas.”

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

The woman who posted the signs in the 4200 block of North Lincoln Avenue is Joy Ronald.

“I don’t care about the camera,” Ronald said. “What’s more important – there are pictures on that camera, and I feel very guilty for not downloading them.”

She dropped her camera on Lincoln Avenue, as she was trying to hold on to bags, and her daughter, who had just had surgery.

In so doing, she lost three years of memories.

Among them are pictures of her children, her grandchildren, and her mother and her sister when they were in better health.

“They both are very ill,” Ronald said. “I’ll never get those moments back again.”

Photos of one gathering in particular stand out.

“We were all laughing and dancing and it was one of those moments that you can never get back, along with the smiles on my children’s faces,” she said.

So now, Ronald is taking a stab in the dark, appealing to someone’s better angels, no questions asked. She hopes Christmas spirit will prevail.

Anyone who might find the point-and-click camera is asked to drop it off at the Jewel grocery store at 4250 N. Lincoln Ave., which can be reached at (773) 472-6171.

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