Rogers Park Woman: FedEx Driver Threw Package Like In YouTube Clip

CHICAGO (CBS) — FedEx says it learned a valuable lesson from a viral video showing a delivery man throwing a package, but try telling that to a Rogers park woman says her jaw dropped when she saw the same thing happen Thursday afternoon.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, the now-infamous YouTube video shows a FedEx driver tossing a boxed computer monitor over a fence instead of ringing a customer’s buzzer.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

FedEx responded with its own official YouTube video.

“I am upset and embarrassed for our customer’s poor experience. This goes directly against all FedEx values. It’s just not who we are,” FedEx senior vice president Matthew Thornton III says in the video.
Thornton said the FedEx was “already using (the video) as a learning opportunity.”

But apparently, a Fed Ex deliveryman spotted by Caryn Hillman Thursday afternoon in Rogers Park didn’t get the memo.

A delivery was coming to one of Hillman’s neighbors in a multi-unit building on the 1500 block of West Fargo Avenue around 4 p.m., Hillman said. The FedEx deliveryman walked up carrying a box, she said.

“So it’s like, in a garbage bag to protect it from getting wet. So he looks both ways to see if anyone is watching,” she said.

Hillman is pretty sure she and the deliveryman made eye contact. But she says he tossed the box over the fence, anyway, as both she and another man watched.

“I’m just like dumbfounded. And this gentleman stopped. I was like, you saw that too? Did you see the You Tube video? This is just insane,” she said.
Afterward, the deliveryman ran off to his car, even though he had another delivery a couple of doors away.

“He has to have had seen me, and he still proceeded to lob this package over the fence. It was like I was watching the You Tube video in person. He threw it, I would say 8 feet,” she said.

Hillman’s husband snapped a picture showing the box sitting in a front yard.

  • Frank

    Why is everyone surprised at this?? are you all that naive?? this has been going on for years. It has only come to light because of technology. your packages are tossed and thrown before they reach your house. If you have every seen UPS or FedEx hub, employees are timed by how many packages they are able to off load per minute, this means your package will be thrown. if they fail to meet this standard they are fired. Ask your driver for details. Wake up!!!

    • Nosey Nellies

      I have a sign in front of my locked wrought iron gate saying that all packages are to be thrown over the fence. I also indicate that on special instructions to please throw the package over the fence.

      Anything that’s fragile, I have sent to my workplace.

  • jay cee

    Where`s the proof he threw the box ? give the womwn a lie test

    • albunt

      also he ran off to his CAR, I never saw a fed-ex delivery car.

  • ChiTown

    Many of the packages taht I ordered this year from both Fed -Ex and UPS were tossed over my fence to my back door.
    While I appreciate the fact that both companies did not want to leave the package on my front porch (Chicago neighborhood), one of those packages was an electronic item that I hope works on Christmas morning.
    Since I paid with my credit card, I do have some insurance.

  • Kenneth Newman

    Corporate America doesn’t change. they still hate the little guy. Maybe if these computer/electronic companies, etc.. that use Fed-Ex would stop shipping their products thru them, the company would finally get the message. Here’s a chance for UPS to step up and get some business. But will they?????

    • Steven

      Your generalization makes no sense and has the stinky smell of conspiracy. WHAT are you talking about? Take your meds. Your paranoia is aggravating.

  • Afro

    Man the FedEx and UPS drivers don’t even stop at my house but I’m not going to turn them in. They just drive by and heave the packages out the door of their truck. I have to keep a watch out when I’m expecting a package then hury down to the curb before the mob of savages from down the street or where ever they come from like roaches grabs my stuff. I don’t blame the delivery guys for not stopping it’s crazy out there.

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