Chicago nearly comes to a halt for the Christmas holiday as many businesses shut their doors and give employees time to celebrate. But, what about those places that operate 24/7?

As WBBM Newsradio’s Michele Fiore reports, at Children’s Memorial Hospital, resident Sarah McAndrew was working on Christmas Sunday.

She said the hospital’s policy gives residents either Thanksgiving or Christmas off. Like many people working the holiday, McAndrew was squeezing Christmas into days right around Dec. 25.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Michele Fiore reports

On Christmas Eve, she traveled to Milwaukee to be with family and on Christmas Day, while she worked here in Chicago, her husband stopped by to say hello.

Down the street, at a parking garage, parking attendant George Caradine was bundled up for a long wintry day.

Caradine says he doesn’t mind working Christmas. In fact, he has worked the past 14 Christmases. He says he does so for the extra money, that will definitely be needed to pay for everything.

Caradine’s not alone in saying the reason you work the holiday is for the extra money.

Nino Cohen operates a bistro on the North Side this Christmas, which can be a lucrative day when you’re one of the few restaurants open in the entire city.

Cohen says he doesn’t mind working on Christmas Day, because he sees how many lonely people come to the restaurant. He wonders, without the restaurant open, where would the lonely go?

Cohen says he knows about being alone. He comes from Israel and, at age 75, he is also alone. So, he says he enjoys being with people, especially on the holiday, and working allows him that opportunity.

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