2 Women Sexually Assaulted During West Side Robbery

CHICAGO (STMW) — Police are looking for a man who robbed a West Side Garfield Park neighborhood store at gunpoint on Tuesday night and sexually assaulted two women who were inside before he escaped.

Just before 8 p.m. Tuesday, the man entered a store in the 4000 block of West Madison Street armed with a handgun and ordered three victims to a back room, according to an alert from Harrison Area detectives.

The offender then forced two women, ages 30 and 39, to perform a sex act, then robbed the store and fled.

He is described as a black man 19-24, 5-foot-5 and 150 pounds. He was wearing a blue ski mask, dark blue jacket with shiny buttons, blue shirt, black jeans, gym shoes and gloves, police said. He was armed with a small, silver semi-automatic handgun.

Anyone with information should call detectives at (312) 746-8252.

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  • Alabaster White

    Sounds like NWA to me.

    • Yard Ape

      Hey quick-draw, you beat me to it !!! LOL !!!

    • Afro

      Couldn’t be NWA because he has no sex organ which is a good thing we know hes one ni gg er that won’t reproduce

      • Brishauwna

        @Lyndia, What the hell are you talking about? This story has nothing to do with your craving for the white meat. Read the Yard Ape’s comment , the same goes for me, you filthy pig!!!!

      • Lyndia

        We all know that white men have sorry d@@@s and that is why white women flock to them. We all know that is the primary reason why white men have ALWAYS wanted to kill black men. That is the psychie of the white man. I know it bothers them that they have little, ugly, soft, short (very short) di@@s. These are stories that I heard from people that have been in the service.

      • Nelson

        Lol @ the Black thing……50% of them have Herpes….Check the CDC Website.
        The odds are much worse then Russian Roulette.

      • bob

        yeah all the women want black men. that explains why so many black men are always going to prison for raping white wimmenz. nobody wants those black buffaloes and cows

      • Phil Mckracken

        @Lyndia And we know uncontrollable black men always want white women because black women’s hair is like barbed wire and they have course, black ugly skin that’s like touching an elephant’s hide. Black women are just plain ugly period.

  • Jim Hamilton

    This POS deserves to be shot support HB148 the right to carry.
    this could have been you or a loved one or just someone you know

    One thing you can be sure of is the criminals are armed and they are looking for any target of opportunity. They are looking for you!

    Support HB 148 Your Right To Carry, The crooks are already armed and you are the target!


  • Yard Ape

    I would really like to know why CBS isn’t running this story –


    Lousy sanctuary state!!!!

  • Mo Mo Packs A Small Gun

    He was not packing much for a Mo Mo on the prawl. Ya lookie her yawl, gimmie that fo pez chicken dina an a smalz oda a headz.

  • Afro

    Yeah thats BS I have run across a couple of this issue also in this blog


    • Afro

      that’s how it all begins by depriving citizens their freedoms and whittling away their rights. Our government is tempting the people every day it’s just a matter of time before all hell breaks lose right here in America

    • Yard Ape

      OBVIOUSLY the powers that be are scared of US. Speakers of the TRUTH beware of this type of liberal censorship !!!!

  • ccoc

    another wild ape in the loose.

  • Wilder Bill

    We in Kansas, men and women have this thing called “CONCEALED CARRY” and you people of Cook County need to get a CLUE! I’z Just Calls Emz Likes I Seez Emz

  • Afro

    In my opinion your comments are always welcome and there are a lot of us who feel the same way. I will say this, It is against the law for me to carry a gun but I thank any ni gg er in advance right now for bringing one for me to kill him with if he fux with me or mine. Prove i didn’t take it from the dead ni gg er and shoot his ass with his own gun.

  • Afro

    It’s just a shame that honest people prepared for protecting them self have to be considered criminals.

  • non

    Now now Yard Ape , calm down. No need to call these spear chucking spooks, ni@@ers. That would be racist

    • Nelson

      We need & deserve some form of Segregation…….Our military needs to have some sort of presence on the streets of most of our major cities. It is Pathetic that we should have to go so far, but something has to be done!

  • missy

    Just give the south side of Chicago to Indiana. They both look alike.

  • hsd01

    He should’ve recorded that shi-t.

    • hsd01


  • CowboysNKoons

    Gimme all y’allz muny and suc dat dik while you at it.

  • Nelson

    Of course no mention if the victims were White? Sure makes you wonder. What more is it going to take people? Segregation Please…….I for one have had enough with Diversity.

  • Nelson

    The Police know there are countless guns in the inner cities, but obviously will not do anything about it. This should be the job of the Feds, or our military. As expected, never a mention of crime by Eric Holder…….Replace Holder & start cleaning these cities up!

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