Verizon To Charge $2 Bill Payment ‘Convenience Fee’

CHICAGO (CBS) – Starting Jan. 15, Verizon Wireless will charge customers $2 every time they pay their wireless bills online or directly over the phone.

The cellular giant is calling it a new “convenience fee.”

Customers can avoid the charge if they pay by electronic check, enroll in AutoPay, or use their own bank’s bill payment website.

They can also mail a check.

“We encourage customers to use those or other payment options that incur no fees,” Verizon said in a statement.

“The fee will help allow us to continue to support these single bill payment options in these channels and is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make single bill payments.”

  • Afro

    There needs to be laws stopping these BS charges

  • Jakub Argasinski

    what else b s

  • Just Axin

    Afro- There is a law…it’s called take your business somewhere else.

  • DB


  • dan

    This is an oxymoron-charging for paying a bill-I can understand the check by phone but an online payment? They should give discounts for paying on line and charge the people that actually mail a check in that has to be opened and processed by someone.

    Have Verizon and my service is excellent but they like all the others charge too much!

  • Centurion

    Convenience? Well, as of January 1st, its far more convenient to use TMOBILE. Nice new Windows phone too. Yep..WINDOWS PHONE….I am not one of the lemmings sucking of Mr. Idied stupid iphone. I can pay my bill online too..with no fee…now thats convenient.

    • Dino


  • Reasonable Doubt

    Anyone who falls for this is stupid, mailing them a check, even if your banks offers online bill payment, and watch their cost go up!

  • tom sharp

    Come on Lisa, it’s okay to help the citizens of Illinois. You’re old man isn’t involved in this one.

  • just_thewoot

    I already use my bill payer service through my credit union. No biggie for me. Still sucks tho. ANYTHING done online (payments, buying movie tickets, etc) should be FREE because you don’t tie up a live person! “Convenience fees” are GREED.

  • t-mobile

    thank goodness my contract is more verizon with their lousy service.

  • aaron

    There is just no way I would ever allow Verizon automatic access to my checking account or credit card. No way whatsoever.

    Switching next week
    Every company can get bent

  • Katie

    It said “Customers can avoid the charge if they pay by electronic check”, use your checking account put your routing number in then your account. Take the same amount of time to process if you use your debit or credit card.
    Commonwealth Edison, charge $3.50 if you try to call in a payment, Ni Cor charges too, Cable companies. Why would anyone think that the cell companies would not have done this. Verizon is the 1st, the others will follow. It will be just a matter of time.

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