Animal Rights Group Wants Highway Memorial For Dead Cows

CHICAGO (AP) — An animal rights group wants Illinois to install highway signs in memory of cattle that died when trucks hauling them flipped in two separate wrecks.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants to buy the markers, one in suburban Chicago and one northwest of Peoria. PETA’s request to the Illinois Department of Transportation says the signs would pay tribute to the more than 20 head of cattle killed as a result of negligent driving in Illinois this year.

Ashley Byrne of PETA says the effort is part of a national campaign to call attention to how cattle suffer in the meat industry.

IDOT spokesman Josh Kauffman says the request likely will be denied. Only relatives who lost loved ones in highway crashes may request roadside memorials.

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  • bobh

    Are They for frickin real. PETA get a life. Next they will push for animals to have the right to vote.

    • Afro

      They animals and pets already vote in Chicago so do the dead. They should put all the PETA freaks on a bus and drive them off a clift yeah I don’t give a rats ass about these people who are trying to take away my big mac fuk em they aren’t human let go fuk a cow or something pass me those chicken nuggets please.

      • Lyndia

        I bet you cannot fight. You stay behind the computer, with you beady eyes, fat belly and funky breath and send out your bs.

  • Drop Bear

    It seems like PETA should go all the way and lobby Congress to create Dead Cow History month. Then we could have special wrappers on our Big Macs!

  • bill

    Extremists, on either side, are usually crazy. PETA qualifies as in need of professional psychiatric treatment.

  • PETAisaLoser

    Do these people know that animals have no soul? Do you know that GOD made animals for man to eat and survive? PETA should get a life and come to this place called Earth.

  • Carnivore McBigmac

    I am a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals)and this this is crazy! Pass the porterhouse over to me now.

  • Edward R. Kline

    I understand that they were in a four party deal to put up a sign but they couldn’t decide who gets top billing
    1. MacDonalds
    2. Burger King
    3. Wendy’s
    4. Taco Bell

  • Funny

    PETA have you ever thought of working on Human Rights? Most people act like animals.

  • Vera

    PETA’s tactics can be pretty bizarre at times, but the message that farmed animals are cruelly and unnecessarily mistreated is a completely valid one.

    • Afro

      @Vera shut the fuk up! do something productive like go kill your self, fuking crybaby, no good for nothing, POS animal rights, ret ard, mother fukrs. If it aint you doing it don’t fuking worry about it. They should mandatory the question do think animals are equal to humans? If yes then terminate immediately. Gawdam idiot muther fukrs, I fukin hate you PETA people and everything you stand for

  • keith line

    HOLY COW, next wis. will want crosses posted along the roadway for Deer killed crossing the roadway,,, just saying..

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