Lawsuit: Suburban Cop Issues Ticket, Asks For Date

CHICAGO (AP) — A suburban Chicago police officer used a $132 speeding ticket he issued to track down a woman and ask her for a date, saying the least he could do for costing her so much money was to buy her dinner, a lawsuit filed by the woman alleges.

Evangelina Paredes accuses Stickney cop Chris Collins of violating her privacy by searching motor-vehicle records for her address, then leaving a handwritten note on her car windshield outside her apartment two days after she was ticketed.

A copy of the alleged note was attached to the lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court in Chicago. It starts with an attempt at self-deprecating humor, saying, “It’s Chris … that ugly bald Stickney cop who gave you that ticket.”

“I know this may seem crazy and you’re probably right, but truth is I have not stopped thinking about you since,” it continues. “I don’t expect a girl as attractive as you to … even go for a guy like me, but I’m taking a shot anyways.”

The note goes on to say he would understand if Paredes did not get in touch.

“But hey,” it continues apologetically, “I did cost you $132 — least I can do is buy you dinner.”

Collins, 27, told The Associated Press by phone on Tuesday that he hadn’t yet hired an attorney and couldn’t comment.

According to the lawsuit, Collins pulled Paredes over on Oct. 22 in Stickney, a village just southwest of Chicago. The note allegedly appeared on her car in a parking lot next to her apartment.

“The letter caused plaintiff to suffer great fear and anxiety,” the lawsuit says. “Plaintiff could not believe that a police officer would use his access to her personal information to find her home and stalk her.”

The lawsuit also names Stickney Police Chief Joseph Kretch and the village of Stickney. A message left on Kretch’s voicemail Tuesday was not immediately returned. Stickney Mayor Daniel O’Reilly also didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

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  • Zatso

    Apparently this Stickney Police Officer has an appendage other than his stiff arm of the law.


  • Jack

    This woman needs to lighten up. He didn’t stalk her, he asked her out. Big difference. If he had persisted, then maybe that would be pushing it, but he didn’t. Maybe she should be impressed that someone would go to the extra effort to ask her out. This is a pitiful lawsuit!!!

    • Centurion

      Notes left on a car windshield…YEP..SHE HAS BEEN STALKED! Now, Jack..I am sure you are more of the leave a note on the car type of guy…or even kill the puppy type so you can console her….
      Hey, to each their own.

    • KE

      I coundn’t agree more.

  • Eddie Murphy Jr.

    Go get him, girl!!

  • Joe Citizen

    How is this Stickney police officer a suburban Chicago police officer. Stickney is a small police department that has alot of sherrifs police patrol the area because they are so small. There is thet smear campaign against the Chicago Police Department. Pathetic the media is. They really need to wake up And do some research and real reporting.

  • Afro

    Hey at least the man has a legit job so kick him in the head for trying to get a date wow people can be so cruel

  • Katie

    Poor judgement on the cops part, but we’re all guilty of that at times. Lawsuit seems extreme and nothing about this says stalking. I doubt he’ll ever ask a woman out again. New policy for insurance industry? Dating insurance in case lawsuit is filed pursuant to actions in relation to dating?

  • Becky Walowski

    Jeeeze!!! so much for trying to be nice!! I feel sorry for the officer…obviously shes not any prize if this is how she reacts to being asked out for a date!! Another LOSER just trying to make a buck off of something that could have been nice!!!

  • Afro

    She needs to get the cob out of her ass and go out with him

  • Chivi

    All she has to say is no thanks and hope there is no harassment. If there was harassment, I could understand but at this point, the cop is not harassing her. Hope he’s not married. Get with the real news!!!

  • Rich

    Looks like she is playing the “Illinois Lawsuit Lottery” and hoping to cash in. Illinois really needs to address tort reform so we don’t keep getting these frivolous lawsuits that cost the taxpayers millions in legal bills.

  • in a heartbeat

    I,also like most of bloggers; despise this woman ….for “sticking a fork” in this “romeo’s eye”….she probably is in a “abusive relationship” right now and doesn’t have a “clue” regarding an exciting feeling when a sweet “admirer” asks her out in the nice-est way possible….She is a total loser for not even seeing a bliss in a “romantic gesture”. He even said he’d understand if she says “no”. Well honey…no matter how good looking-you are a trash and you deserve your “type”….

    • Therese

      WOW really? Romantic? I say scary, just google stalker policeman and read the stories about policeman who have abused their position by stalking and even raping women. Should she have sat back and hoped he “just went away”? He was totally wrong and you’re completely off on your assumptions. I assume they are just assumptions about abusive relationships and her type?

  • Harry

    LOL!..fat pig! good!…”Meagan Glaros will you got out with me?”…:D…it’s me Harry Porterfield…opps!

  • Hillary

    Talking about getting government off our back, hum! Here government was really wanted more than what the back has to offer.

  • Lyndia

    I do not recall this woman being stalked. He left a note on her car. If she dosen’t want to go out with him, just say no. If he continues with leaving notes on your car, report him. I do not think this woman has a case.

    • Afro

      Lyndia all you know is the Ape call

    • Centurion

      So, does she say No…go to the Stickney PD and leave notes on all the squad cars …addressed to….uh, the fat ugly bald cop….
      Dear Fat Ugly Bald Cop…No.

      She would then be accused of a crime.

  • Lyndia

    You got that wrong stupid. TRAZAN WAS KING OF THE JUNGLE. (Was that your mama that use to be on his shoulder? You remember Cheeta. He just died. He was eighty years old. I really believe your mama was a male monkey.) Trazan gave the ape call, douch bag face.

    • Brishauwna

      @Lyndia, You have again exibited your complete and total lack of class. I agree with Mr. Afro, all you know is the call of the ape. “Trazan”? Are you an idiot? It’s Tarzan. Insulting one’s momma is almost the most childish manner in which to verbaly abuse someone. About the only thing more childish is to call someone a “douch bag face”.

      • Afro

        SLAM DUNK! You nailed her hard Brish she won’t recover from that one for at least an hour lol.


  • tom sharp

    They don’t call them Pigs for nothing!

  • Ratman

    What a complete moron- First off the suit alleges the cop “violating her privacy by searching motor-vehicle records for her address”?? Is this a fancy way of saying he looked at her Drivers License not once, but twice?
    Its bad judgement on the cops part but if this chick suffers from “great fear and anxiety,” from a note on her windshield, I think she has some larger issues she needs to take care of. I cant see how this is a case worthy of a lawsuit. This is absolutely ridiculous and indicative of the morons permeating society everywhere in this country.

  • And another thing...

    LMAO@Centurion’s comment. Best comment I have read in days….

    • Centurion

      Can you imagine the confusion at Stickney PD…..all the fat ugly bald cops looking at each other and sayin….UH, IS THIS FOR YOU?

  • Shelly Bernard- Lynch

    So it is ok according to you guys that the police officer looked up her personal information for a personal reason. I am sorry but that is not ok in my eyes. There are too many weirdos out there.

    • Therese

      I AGREE ! Being stalked is a scary thing, I can’t believe the comments I’m reading. Should she sit back and do nothing? He is completely wrong and she is right. I’m sure this guy violated a bunch of policies that would cause him to lose his job by doing this. If it were me I’d definitely sue

      • Afro

        Really? she gave him her drivers license and right there is her address what violation?

    • Rich

      It’s not OK but it is also not something to sue over. He should be disciplined by his supervisor for using poor judgement and for using police resources for personal business.

  • Therese

    A policemen must see thousands of licenses in their career they remember every address? Come on, either he wrote it down or he used a computer but even if your right and he just went there after he wrote the ticket you don’t think thats wrong? So any policeman can go to anyone’s house they want and ask the person out because they glanced at their license? Thats using information you gained with the power the government gives them for personal use and that HAS to violate some policy. As well as being unethical.

  • missy

    was the cop black? the woman white? jungle fever – please

  • Therese

    Missy the color of everyone doesn’t matter. Thats not the issue. Try not to make an issue where there isn’t one. We are disagreeing enough on here.

  • save stickney

    then mayor lays off 3 public works employess after notified they are seeking a union

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