FBI Seeks Tire Iron-Wielding Bank Robber

WILLOWBROOK, Ill. (CBS) — Police are asking for your help in finding a robber in southwest suburban Willowbrook, who has been dubbed the “Tire Iron Bandit.”

As WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding, the FBI says the man is wanted for several robberies in Willowbrook. He is accused of holding a tire iron in his hand as he demands money.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Lisa Fielding reports

The most recent robbery happened at the First Merit Bank Branch, at 8480 S. Archer Ave. in Willowbrook. The man is also believed to have robbed the same bank on July 16, 2010, a release from the FBI said.

During the most recent robbery, the suspect walked into the bank late in the afternoon just as two employees were preparing to close for the day. He approached the teller counter holding a tire iron in his left hand and demanding money, the release said.

The robber then placed a small duffel bag on the counter and held it open for the tellers, who placed cash from their drawers inside. The robber then fled but his method and direction of escape was not seen.

In last year’s robbery, the man entered the bank holding the tire iron in his hand, announced the robbery and ordered an employee to place money into a black gym bag.

He repeatedly threatened employees with harm if his demands weren’t met. After receiving the money, he fled on foot and was last seen running through an adjacent alley.

No injuries were reported during the robberies, which are being investigated by the FBI and Willow Springs Police.

The FBI considers the “Tire Iron Bandit” armed and dangerous.

He is described as a white man, standing 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall, and about 250 to260 pounds, with a goatee. He has worn a black and white Rastafarian style cap or a knit hat and striped polo shirt, sunglasses and gloves.

Surveillance photos have been released and authorities are asking anyone with information to call the FBI at (312) 421-6700.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Jim Hamilton

    One thing you can be sure of is the Chicago criminals are armed up to 7 times greater then the NYCY thugs and they are looking for any target of opportunity. They are looking for you!

    Support HB 148 Your Right To Carry, The crooks are already armed with knives, sticks and whatever else they can find, you are the target! It’s time to take up arms against these thugs and protect your self! The police have had years to get it under control and they sad to say have failed horribly


    • sanji

      Carry a small vial of sulfuric acid. Hurl into his face. Now that’s a mark he won’t be able to wash off. Ever.

  • carol

    Tire iron? Are you kidding me? And he robs a bank with it? Let’s see a bank guard has a gun. Robber has tire iron. Hm…who wins? Sounds fishy. Smells worse. Especially if he robbed the same bank before!

    • Tom

      Bank guard? That’s a thing of the past. With the FDIC, the bank can put up zero resistance and get reimbursed with taxpayer money. Why bother with a guard? That’s why most all bank robbers get away, at least at the time of the robbery. It is quite pathetic!

  • dan

    Poor guy probably was broke and had a flat tire…..

  • Jake

    @ Jim, you conceal and carry supporters seem to miss one major point! That fact that there are a lot of dumb azzes in the world and the majority of them should be nowhere near a gun. Do we really want a bunch of idiots that would qualify legally for conceal and carry to be packin heat and whipping out there guns when someone looks at them funny or checks out their girl friend or cuts them off in traffic?

    Your assumption is that the only people that would have concealed weapons are the people that are qualified to use constraint in using them and fully skilled if they wind up using them and that they would only be used for self defense.

    • Jim Hamilton

      @Jake I will go as far to say there are a lot more responsible people in this world than you give credit. The very idiots you are speaking of are the ones carrying the guns and they are carrying 7 times as many as the new York idiots.

  • Mr. Justice

    @ JAKE. Sorry but your logic does not hold up. Forty-nine states have Conceal Carry. Stop believing the puking liberals that say law abiding citizens should not have the right to protect themselves.

    Why don’t you tell that stupid logic to the man who was attacked by 2 pit bulls this week?

    The Aldermen in Chicago all have hand gun permits. Are they any more important than you or I?

    • Lyndia


  • Lyndia

    Jake, Jake, Jake, what is it that you do not understand. The idiots that you are speaking of already have guns and they are killing innocent peope EVERYDAY. You seem like an intelligent person and I am sure I can reason with you. The dumb azzes that you are speaking of is armed to the teeth right now. People are getting off of work, taking their kids to the babysitter, going to the doctor or whatever, they are being robbed at gun point, SOMETIMES IN THEIR OWN CAR. The law abidding citizens are being held hostage because of these people.
    The time has come for the citizens of this city to arm themselves too. Jake, what would have happened to that young mother in Oklahoma if she did not have a gun to PROTECT herself. You know what would have happened, don’t you Jake?

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