Illegal Gun Busts Way Up This New Year’s Eve

CHICAGO (CBS) — Police Supt. Garry McCarthy says Chicago Police take many more guns off the streets than their New York counterparts.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports, a total of 131 guns were confiscated on New Year’s Eve, up from 83 a year earlier.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports

McCarthy says per capita, Chicago Police take almost seven guns for every one that the NYPD takes off the streets.

“I need you to realize that every single time a Chicago Police officer takes a gun off the street, we are in an armed confrontation with a criminal,” McCarthy said.

On New Year’s Eve, McCarthy says he was on patrol in the Austin District – the West Side district where fallen Officer Clifton Lewis had been assigned.

“Hearing the gunshots and having these men and women, with total disregard for their own safety, go in and try to get these firearms off the street,” McCarthy said. “That’s the character of the Chicago policeman. And that’s the character of Clifton Lewis.”

Lewis was shot and killed while working a second job as a security guard at the M & M Quick Foods convenience store, 1201 N. Austin Blvd. His funeral is later Thursday.

  • Jim Hamilton

    Everytime a victim gets killed by the armed criminals he was in a confrontation with a armed criminal to and when it’s an innocent victim he don’t even get to be armed to protect him self this is propaganda!!!!!!!

    If those criminals all have 7 guns each then why shouldn’t a law abiding citizen have a fighting chance?

    Support HB 148 Your Right To Carry The crooks are already armed with 7guns and they are looking for you!

    • Jim Hamilton

      We have the anti carry law but yet our criminals have 7 times as many guns as a carry state has and our law biding citizens have zero chance

    • Jim Hamilton

      Hell it would help the police get those criminals with 7 guns each off the street, and most of all it would save some of the victims lives, statistics from 49 other states prove this to be a fact!

  • Jim Hamilton

    One more thing

    “Hearing the gunshots and having these men and women, with total disregard for their own safety, go in and try to get these firearms off the street,”

    It’s not the firearm thats doing the killing the fire arm is only the tool. These workers will kill you, rob you and beat you with knives and their bare hands even if they have no fire arms.

    One thing you can be sure of is the criminals are armed and they are looking for any target of opportunity. They are looking for you!

    Support HB 148 Your Right To Carry, The crooks are already armed with knives, sticks and whatever you are the target! It’s time to take up arms against these thugs and protect your self! The police have had years to get it under control and they sad to say have failed horribly

  • Jim Hamilton

    Chicago police 7 guns for every one gun NYPD gets that just shows how heavily armed these Chicago thugs are and it just shows that the anti gun laws don’t help one bit!

  • Bob

    Is this the Jim Hamilton show?

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