Police: Villa Park Spa Was Offering More Than Massages

VILLA PARK, Ill. (CBS) — Two employees of a spa in Villa Park were doing more than giving massages, police say.

Massage therapists Kyong Hui Campbell, 54, and Bong Soon Lee, 49, were both arrested at the Alma Natural Spa, at 100 E. Roosevelt Rd. in the western suburb, on charges of attempting acts of prostitution.

The therapists were busted by an undercover officer, who was sent to the spa after someone tipped police off to reports of “acts of prostitution” going on there. Police did not get into specifics in a news release.

The undercover officer went to the spa and received a massage from Campbell. She then allegedly offered and attempted to perform a sexual act on the officer and was arrested, the release said.

Investigators also noticed another customer in a different room, who was receiving a massage from Lee. She also allegedly attempted an sexual act and was arrested.

Both Campbell, of Aurora; and Lee, from Addison, were charged with one count of prostitution, a class A misdemeanor.

The Sun-Times Media Wire contributed to this report.

  • Dan

    Her name should be Bang Soon Lee

  • http://triblocal.com/villa-park/2012/01/05/police-villa-park-spa-was-offering-more-than-massages/ Police: Villa Park spa was offering more than massages — Villa Park news, photos and events — TribLocal.com

    […] Get the full story: chicago.cbslocal.com. […]

  • mrbfd

    Ms. Lee pleased me handiily
    & I remember her fondle-y

  • Jefe

    “We are grateful that this sticky situation had a happy ending. Our officers were able to put the finger on these suspects, and they are now in the firm grasp of the law. We should all give a big hand to our hard-working beat officers”

  • onehunglow

    Make prostitution legal, and tax it. THAT will eliminate the city, county, and state deficit. QUINN, RHAM-A-DUM-DUM, you readin’ this?

    • Jose

      Haha have like legalized Tug Parlors all up and down Chinatown. I’ll drink to that. Don’t you think that would potentially welcome creeps, though? Unless they’re heavily secured. If Aldi has security, I’m sure those places would need some, too. I can’t imagine interviewing a cleaning lady for the job, though. “Hey, yeah…um, want the job?”

  • missy

    should have hired a black woman. theys be finishing fo sum crack

    • Lyndia

      How do you know? Have you ever used crack? Don’t white girls use crack too?
      MISSY, DONT MAKE ME PUT YOUR BUSINESS IN THE STREET. Your twin sister was on her knees, doing what she does best, in a hallway on the westside for some crack AND blow.

      • Afro

        Naw Lyndia she and we all know how ni99er girls are thats all

    • Jose

      Oh lord. I guess if we’re playing stereotypes white women would’ve done less for meth and Latinas for tacos, too, right? Grow up. Welcome to the 21st Century. Attached you will find a job application. Make something of yourself.

  • mrbfd

    Should hand sex between consenting adults be illegal? It is called a bad name, “prostitution,” simply because Jeebus disapproves of it.

    • Jose

      No because it’s almost as hard to tax as dimebags. It’s socially acceptable to get a tug at a parlor in China (maybe even encouraged) but here it’s deemed illegal if there’s no capital. Here’s the kicker, though: some of those same lawmakers used tax dollars for high-dollar ladies in the past. I love it!

  • Jefe

    Putting the squeeze on massage parlors to clamp down on hand jobs faces stiff opposition.

  • HandyAndy

    Well what would you think if a guy cu m s in a massage parlor with a long hard billy and hand cuffs then undresses and lays on a table in front of a girl with erotic massage oils? This was entrapment.

  • Afro

    But we have a no sexual relations with a guy. Bill Clinton he say a it’sa no sexual relations because a we no swallow

  • Jose

    What’s wrong with a quick tug after a 30 minute massage? It’s nothing like getting serviced by a lady of the night on the street corner tax-free. At least the parlor is paying taxes.

    Or what these ladies can do next time is simply ask, “Is this your first time here? What do you do for a living?” Oh…um, I’m…a…cop. “Oh! Well that’s fantastic. Ok, massage done. Pay at the counter :). Bye, bye.”

  • Fake Leroy Goldberg

    I’ll bet a 100.00 if Lyndia went head up against Afro, she will whip his butt.

  • missy

    If Lyndia went head up, she be going head down too. It be her nature to head up and down fo crack money.

  • the truth

    If if’s and buts were candy and nuts we’d all be getting a happy ending. Yea!

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