Walter’s Perspective: ‘Chicago Don’t Want No Fancy Frozen Fish’

CHICAGO (CBS) — In presidential politics, now after Iowa, next up is New Hampshire, then South Carolina. And the talking heads on TV are non-stop on the economy.

Not me. I’m onto gastronomy — the bad news in Chicago about Charlie Trotter closing his famous fancy restaurant. And the shocking news in Paris, France, the mother of fancy restaurants that serve foie gras and bouillabaisse.

Stunning news about poisson – fish – in bistros in Paris being sold as fresh, but in fact are frozen, mass-produced, vacuum-sealed, congealed in packages with microwave re-heating instructions.

Frozen in warehouses and found to be featured on menus as fresh, which seems to me is cause for concern. Will we be next? Will Charlie Trotter sell his restaurant to some fancy French chef?

Non, monsieur, s’il vous plait, non! Chicago don’t want no fancy frozen fish.

  • tom Sharp

    You just can’t do two in row that make sense can you! Get well soon!

  • Afro

    Gawd walter do they give you these dangerous stories to cover, or are you out there on the beat smelling this stuff out? I’m glad you’re out there because if not for you, I’m 100% sure this Shiit wouldn’t have mad it in to the news!!!!!!!!

  • Hammy

    Thanks Walt. I think this story was adequately covered in European Vacation.

  • Troy

    Wow. Fabulous story Walt. Good thing I was on the toilet reading this. Otherwise, it would have been a huge waste of time.

  • Donttakelifesoserious

    Why don’t you all relax? Everyday we are bombarded with negative news stories, this person shot, that person stabbed, this government employee stealing money, or that government entity in debt, etc. Walter wants to try to add a bit of humor into what is typically a newscast that would otherwise send you into a state of depression and all you can do is criticize? You all need to lighten up.

    • Jim Hamilton

      @Donttakelife, Those are the issues that need to be reported on. Weathere or not a fish is frozen won’t make a dam if the world you live in sends a rapist murdering thug to your block! They all carry guns but the normal people can’t.

    • tom Sharp

      Hey Don’t…: That’s the problem–Walter doesn’t take it seriously. The Letterman show after the “perspective” is for humor. Walter isn’t paid to be funny or to tell us that the sun rises in the East; he is paid to say something meaningful about the political/social goings on in Chicago or the world. My pets provide more humor than he can. It’s past time that CBS sees that he just doesn’t have it, if he ever did.

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